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Response to Cole and Foster - Essay Example

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According to Cole and Foster (56-57), despite momentous improvements in environmental safety over the past numerous decades, over 1.3 billion people worldwide live in dangerous and detrimental physical conditions. Unsafe waste creation and international transportation of harmful…
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Response to Cole and Foster
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Download file to see previous pages Cole and Foster (58-60) identify that there are questions arising and unanswered about environmental safety. Why is dumping done to some communities during others getaway? Why environmental guidelines are vigorously implemented in particular communities while others are spared? Can environmental fairness be incorporated into environmental security? "What institutional changes are needed in order to" attain a just and sustainable environmental society? In addition, what community systematizing strategies and public procedures are helpful tools against environmental racism?
This paper studies environmental racism, why there is difficulty in redressing the situation even when it apparent and why it is important for all environmentalists to acknowledge the equity between environmental and social problems. Moreover, the paper analyses the risks associated with environmental racism and how the problem should be addressed.
Environmental racism is a shape of institutionalized prejudice. America is in the leading front in terms of economic and military force globally. The US economic engine generates enormous wealth, consumerism and high living standards. Nevertheless, this growth machine also produces pollution, waste and ecological destruction. America has some of the finest environmental laws in planet Earth. However, in the genuine world, not all communities are created equal. Over an extended period, environmental regulations have lagged in achieving homogeneous benefits across all divisions of society. The laws in US allow some communities to be routinely poisoned while others are protected from environmental hazards (Cole & Foster 58).
As mentioned earlier, environmental racism refers to the unequal or misappropriate distribution of environmental hazards by race or income. Between the two predictors of environmental hazard distribution, the risk is more profound in terms of race as compared to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Response to Cole and Foster Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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