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Reading the essay, I felt that taking the course has increased the writer’s exposure towards fisheries and the problems that they face in today’s world. For instance, the writer has…
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Future for fisheries
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Future for Fisheries [The of the will appear here] [The of the will appear here] Reflection In the short essay, the writer discusses his views and experience about fishery management. Reading the essay, I felt that taking the course has increased the writer’s exposure towards fisheries and the problems that they face in today’s world. For instance, the writer has raised an important issue in the short essay. He states that the demand for seafood is one of the main causes of depletion in fisheries. This is quite true actually since in most cases, our demand for food is increasing and it has become difficult to keep up the supply for many food items. Fishes are one of them. According to WWF, ‘two thirds of the worlds fish stocks are either fished at their limit or over fished’ (WWF, 2002).
However, there are also other reasons for the depletion of fisheries that the writer has failed to mention or elaborate upon. One of the most glaring one is the contamination of water by industrial waste. Also not much attention is being given to these fisheries and many are being depleted as a result of neglect. The depletion or alteration of fresh water is further exacerbating the problem.
Despite this, the short essay was a pleasant read and opens up the reader’s mind to the importance of the course. I agree that fisheries management is a very insightful course. Fishery management is a neglected topic and making such a course allows us as consumers to understand how we are contributing to the problem. I also agree that fish data analysis and other practical applications of the course would have been quite helpful in increasing our knowledge and interest in the subject. Overall, the writer has introduced many concepts in the short essay. His positive attitude towards the course was very pleasing to read.
WWF (2002) Decreasing Fish Stock, Retrieved from Read More
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Future for Fisheries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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