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There is one ethical consideration that had to be taken in the project. The project would entail the artificial manipulation of the environment so as to achieve better results, production and output. This would…
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Farmland Drainage System
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Farmland Drainage System Ethical Considerations Dilemma The project had to employ ethics in its design, plan and execution. There is one ethical consideration that had to be taken in the project. The project would entail the artificial manipulation of the environment so as to achieve better results, production and output. This would mainly involve the introduction of the drainage system into a given area or piece of land. There is need to highlight the impacts the system and the materials used would have on the soil, its chemical properties and its fertility. This is integral in realizing maximum productivity that is sustainable.
The stakeholders in the project would have to be consulted on the decision making as pertains the effect that the drainage system would have on the environment and the soil.
The developers of the system have a crucial role in determining which materials are the most environmentally friendly to be used within the system. They determine what implements are the most environmentally friendly at the most affordable price. The aim of the project is to minimize costs and increase efficiency of land use.
The financiers of the projects have a crucial role in determining whether the implements used to create the system are environmentally friendly to be consumed by other users. However, they make this decision based on the profitability of the available options. It is crucial that they maintain an objective approach towards their responsibility to the society through CSR.
The farmers who may potentially implement this drainage system have the final say as to whether they have all the facts to make an informed decision as pertains the effects the system would have on their land and their productivity.
Alternatives & Decision
The proposed drainage system came with very little alternatives. However, the most efficient alternative was also the most environmentally. This was the most sensible alternative that farmers found.
Global Perspective
Global Factors
There are numerous underlying global factors that may potentially affect or impact the project in one way or another. They include;
Global warming and Change in Weather Patterns
Pollution and Global Warming
Environmental Pollution is one of the greater problems facing societies worldwide. It is said that environmental pollution (air pollution to be precise) causes 20% of deaths around the world annually, according to data gathered by the World Health Organization in partnership with the World Bank. Air pollution through carbon emissions from factories, automobiles and the day-to-day activities of the human race affects the ozone layer in negative ways. This pollution has led to the intoxication of clouds, leading to acid rain. This kind of rain water is detrimental for farm use and as such, there has to be consideration of the location of the land on which the drainage system would be used.
Global warming and Change in Weather Patterns
Owing to pollution, global warming has resulted in the drastic change in weather patterns. The normal seasonal patterns have been affected in terms of their timing and their severity. Summers have been found to be extremely hot while winters have been extremely cold. This situation may impede the effective use of the drainage system. It is important that this factor be considered.
This drainage system is best installed just before the rainy season. This will ensure optimal functionality of the system. However, this system can be heavily impeded in its use in extremely cold areas. Extremely hot areas provide a challenge in the system’s design.
Economic and Environmental Impact
The project has been founded on the principal of minimized costs and increased efficiency. As such the tools selected for implementation have to be affordable. There were two options, using PVC system or a concrete system. The cost effective option was the PVC system. However, the PVC system is environmentally friendly as it is not biodegradable. This project has potential benefits to the agriculture industry. This industry has employed numerous farmers who also benefit from constant water supplies and effective water use.
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