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According to the documentary A Global warming, Global warming can be referred to as Climate change that has resulted to an increase in the average earth’s temperature. Global warming has been caused by natural events that normally affect the climate and manmade causes such as…
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Enviroment science week 5/7
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Global Warming and Issues on Bottled Water Affiliation: According to the documentary A Global warming, Global warming can be referred to as Climate change that has resulted to an increase in the average earth’s temperature. Global warming has been caused by natural events that normally affect the climate and manmade causes such as the emission of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide emissions is a major cause of the greenhouse effect especially from the cutting down of trees and the use of fossil fuels in vehicles, industries and electricity production. Other gases which contribute to global warming include methane, nitrous oxide emitted by certain fertilizers (Black, 2010).
Global warming has occurred over a long period due to the increased emissions of greenhouse gases. As we continue to cut down trees and drive vehicles, produce electricity from coal these gases are emitted to the atmosphere. As the gases concentrate more heat is trapped in the atmosphere, which changes the earth’s climate drastically. The most influential part of this documentary is the fact that it highlights and breaks down the causes of global warming which remain to be human activities. If the world adopts the use of renewable energy, no greenhouse gases will be emitted into atmosphere and global energy will be no more. The renewable sources of energy include solar power, wind, geothermal and biomass (Black, 2010).
Tapped is a documentary which was produced in the year 2009 discussing the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment, on our health and the economy. One of the most important areas that the documentary addresses so well is the economic and health factor, people pay for water that they would get for free because 40 percent of bottled water is filtered tap water. Tap water is constantly monitored so as to maintain human consumption standards by EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and the reports are made public whereas bottled water companies conduct their own tests and the law does not require them to make their findings public especially within a state. This leaves a loophole where contaminated water can find its way to the shelf due to the lack of constant testing (Tapped, 2009).
Tapped. (2009). Hollywood: Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsay, Documentary
Black, B. (2010). Global warming. Santa Barbara, California.: Greenwood. Read More
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Enviroment Science Week 5/7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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