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Dimensions of Community Environmental Health - Essay Example

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It is important to assess the various health risks which are caused by various environmental risks and hazards because that leads to protection and preservation of human health and environment. Environmental health hazards can be caused by both natural and anthropogenic or human-caused sources (…
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Dimensions of Community Environmental Health
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Extract of sample "Dimensions of Community Environmental Health"

Dimensions of Community Environmental Health It is important to assess the various health risks which are caused by various environmental risks and hazards because that leads to protection and preservation of human health and environment. Environmental health hazards can be caused by both natural and anthropogenic or human-caused sources (Yassi 53). These health hazards might be biological such as different bacteria, parasites or viruses, chemical in nature such as air pollutants, pesticides, inks used in tattoos, chlorine used in the swimming pools, alcohol, tobacco and physical health risks such as radiation or noise. It is also to remember that health is also affected by psychosocial hazards as well such as work-related stress, lifestyle problems, social isolation, post-war stress or mental trauma.
The movie “The Thin Man” explores a murder mystery with William Powell and Myrna Loy as the main characters. The movie presents the characters as severely addicted to alcohol drinking and this is a part of their personal style or natural behaviour in the movie. The actor exhibits himself as culturally and morally declining person who is indulged in alcohol intoxication most of the time. Alcohol intake is a personal choice and the character exhibits the effect of this poison on his physical strength as well as his personality. Steady drinking of alcohol for a long period of time results in dependence of the brain and also leads to withdrawal manifestation during episodes of abstinence. Alcoholism is a major health hazard and affects normal brain’s chemistry, blood flow to frontal lobes and the nerve cells. Over time, neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine is depleted leading to mood problems, physical weakness, liver pathologies and increasing dependence (A.D.A.M)
Smoking is another example of voluntary source of health hazard that has an effect both on environment and public health. The tobacco smoke contains 43 carcinogens which are known out of the thousands of chemicals present in it. Although, smokers are exposed to high incidence of lung cancer, voice changes and other health hazards, but the people who are exposed to the smoke are also at risk. Lung cancer can also occur in non-smokers who are exposed to the tobacco smoke, and it can lead to childhood disorder such as bronchitis and heart disease (Brownson, Eriksen, Davis and Warner 163). Because of the very strong carcinogenic effects, public health measures have progressed over the years. This has resulted in workplace restrictions to smoking, bans on public smoking and even voluntary measures taken in private industries.
The book, “The Tattoo Murder Case” depicts the post war effects in Tokyo along with a murder case. The book highlights two very important environmental health issues. A student in the book suffers from post-traumatic stress after serving in the war and a woman flaunts of an arty tattoo on her back in different ink colors. The examples are two significant sources of human-cause environmental health hazards and their serious implications. According to a study the American population having a tattoo has increased to 21 percent from the initial 14 percent in 2008. Many people consider tattoo as a safe interest without any considerable risks. However, the artificial ink is imprinted on to human flesh with a needle which leaves an open wound. This requires equal sanitation and sterilization as a laceration or wound would require. Contamination of the ink with Mycobacterium (non-tuberculous type) has been studied recently. This pathogen can lead to joint infection, ocular problems, lung disease and other organ infections (Yaremchuk). Many people receive their tattoos from unsterile tattoo shops or outlets which do not even use disinfected instruments which can lead to serious health hazards.
Environmental health is closely related to personal choices and decisions about personal well-being. With the current rate of progress and technology advancement, humans forget about the various health risks they are inducing into the environment and risking their own health. Just for the sake of art or personal interest, humans would opt for tattoos which could be a source of pathogen. Arrival of technology and human convenience has impacted environmental health in various manners. Use of petrol run-automobiles, loud music, air conditioning appliances, industrial growth and using alcohol and smoking more as a personal statement of style has led to deterioration of environmental health, only at the expense of human health.
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