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Greenhouse Gases as the Major Cause of Global Warming - Essay Example

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This paper "Green House Gases as the Major Cause of Global Warming" focuses on the Greenhouse gases (GHG), which are a combination of gases which once emitted in the atmosphere, can absorb radiation. These greenhouse gases are the major cause of global warming. …
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Greenhouse Gases as the Major Cause of Global Warming
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Extract of sample "Greenhouse Gases as the Major Cause of Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages This is because humans and animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is emitted into the atmosphere thus increasing the ratio. Only oxygen and nitrogen let the absorbed heat pass. Methane which is one of the GHG’s is a greater cause of global warming even than carbon dioxide because it can hold more heat even though it stays only about 10 years in the atmosphere as compared to a thousand or more of carbon dioxide. Methane is made from agricultural practices e.g. when fertilizer is produced. Over 33% of GHG’s emitted in the USA come from the production of electricity. The sun’s rays hit the earth with big amounts of radiation which reach the earth as light. A gas ability to stay in the air determines its degree of effect to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most effective among the greenhouse gases because it’s the most abundant. It has been proven that it can stay more than a thousand years taking effect in the atmosphere.
Researchers have been able to predict what to come as a result of global warming. We are to expect more droughts as well as more of floods. As a result of temperatures getting high, evaporation occurs from the land and the sea (Karl 1719-23). If precipitation does not occur in these places, then drought is anticipated. There are countries and regions that their water supply comes from ice meltdowns from mountains. However, a current research on ice melting has shown that recently, ice is melting faster than it was estimated before. So in these regions, they can experience drought thus having the deficiency for water even for use. The warm weather afterwards causes some an increase in heat waves, rainfall and scary storms. The melting ice flows into seas and large water bodies. These water bodies expand when the contained water is heated thus can cause the nearby localities to be submerged by the water. Nations in the Pacific island are expected to be submerged by the waters by the end of the century. Human beings can be termed responsible e.g. by deforestation among others are activities that increase the greenhouse effect and can be prevented or controlled by human beings.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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