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02trillion. That of France was 2. 579 trillion while that of Germany was $ 3.383 trillion and Japan had $5.88 trillion. Israel has a GDP of $ 254 billion while West Bank had $ 6.641…
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GDP of the Arab World According to the world fact book the UK GDP was $ 2.443 trillion while that of US was 16. 02trillion. That of France was 2. 579 trillion while that of Germany was $ 3.383 trillion and Japan had $5.88 trillion. Israel has a GDP of $ 254 billion while West Bank had $ 6.641 billion which includes Gaza Strip (Central Intelligence Agency). From the above data if we compute the GDP of all the 22 Arab League Members it is evident that the Middle East is rocking the world in terms of wealth. Everybody knows where this wealth is coming from. It is the oil fields in the Middle East that brings out the vast wealth these countries possess which is reflected by their GDP. The Gaza Strip has been an area of interest for the Palestine and the Israel communities. If you compare the GDP of Israel with that of Palestine in 2012, we find that Israel is far much better. What creates this enormous difference? The answer is simple. Palestine is ever at war and never enjoys any political stability despite having deep oil fields worth billions of dollars. It is also evident that US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan has a relatively superior GDP compared to the rest of the world but their wealth cannot match that of the 22 Arab League Members. This is because all these countries rely on the Arab nations for energy. These countries need energy security in order to sustain their economy (Ma). It is also for this reason that US entered into an agreement with Israel to build the largest solar station in the world. Bright Source Energy and Southern California Edison are in collaboration to make this project a dream come true. This project will cause US $ $1.37 billion (Karin Kloosterm). In order for the US to sustain their superiority, they must ensure that they have energy resources which should help keep their economy in check. This will also help them to retain their economic dominance.
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