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The paper "Various Hazards in the Various Industries" presents what does not happen in real life but are rather hypothetical. In the paper, the following sectors of economic development have been selected for the presentation.The construction industry, manufacturing, transportation, and the mining industries were chosen…
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Various Hazards in the Various Industries
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Safety management
It is important to highlight that this paper or assignment delves in the discussion of the various hazards to the various industries. It is again worth noting that the paper presents what does not happen in real life but are rather hypothetical. In the paper, the following sectors of economic development have been selected for the presentation. The construction industry, manufacturing, transportation, and the mining industries were the chosen industries in question. The hazards range from environmental to human (Steve, 2004).
In the construction industry, there are various hazards that the people who work there could possibly fall victims of. A good example is the case where the construction materials fall on the worker probably because there was an earthquake, collision from a machine or any other form of vibrating machine. These can cause some danger to the people and any other form of life in the surrounding (Steve, 2004).
In the manufacturing industry, the hazards that can possibly be associated with the industry are the cases where the manufacturers at some point can decide to introduce a harmful substance into the products that they manufacture. These could be quite hazardous to the life of the consumers of the products affected by these kinds of acts (Steve, 2004).
Another industry that can as well affected by the hazards is the transport industry. Under this, the hazards can rise when there are mechanical breakdowns in the various media of transport and even the poor modes of transportation in the areas. Poor weather conditions can also be potential causes of the hazards that are associated with the industry in hand (Steve, 2004).
It is also important to note that the mining industry is the most affected. The miners underground can suffocate while they are underneath due to the insufficient air supply as well as the high temperatures. The land above them similarly is quite dangerous to their lives as it can be triggered due to the isostatic adjustments and the magma movement in the mantle that is a result of the convectional current in the mantle too (Steve, 2004).
Steve, R. Construction Safety Management Systems, London, Taylor & Francis, 2004 Read More
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