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Low-level creative thinking capability is a main hindrance towards solving the puzzle such that they only use four straight continuous lines the join the nine dots in the puzzle. Remarkably, the failure of most individuals to challenge assumptions created by the puzzle tend to…
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The nine dots with four straight
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Low-level creative thinking capability is a main hindrance towards solving the puzzle such that they only use four straight continuous lines the join the nine dots in the puzzle. Remarkably, the failure of most individuals to challenge assumptions created by the puzzle tend to hinder the possibility of coming up with that unique creative solution (Holyoak and Morrison 788). Consequently, not utilizing the power of “thinking outside the box” renders an individual to restrict himself or herself to think just on how to join the nine dots with only four continuous lines without any thinking of any unexamined assumptions. Additionally, lack of prior experience to such puzzles may be the reason why an individual would fail to join the nine dots creatively with only four lines without lifting the pen. Most peoples restrict their thinking to their observation and assumptions making it challenging to find a solution to the puzzle.
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