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Soil is the core of civilization from the fact that it is the essential element used in the construction of building, medical uses and is a raw material for artwork. It is one of the basic units of plant life; these are all elements of civilization making the soil the core of…
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Modual 6 questions see below
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Module six Review Assignment of Unit Lecture Q A Soil is the core of civilization from the fact that it is the essential element used in the construction of building, medical uses and is a raw material for artwork. It is one of the basic units of plant life; these are all elements of civilization making the soil the core of civilization.
Industrial farming has highly mechanization and feeds huge numbers of people than what a single farmer can do. In America alone, a single industrial farmer can feed 3 million people. The machines replace human labor and in turn consume a large number of gallons of oil contributing greatly to global warming. Industrial farming quickly utilize the top soil. When the top soil is exhausted the land remains bare, and the farmers clear trees for more virgin lands. Since its inception, a third of the earth’s topsoil has been lost. Making the Industrial farming one of the largest enemy of the soil.
The soil is diminishing in quantity and quality in Midwestern areas. This is due to the heavy agricultural machinery that compact the soil leaving behind heterogeneous clamps that are loose and impermeable to rainwater leading to erosion. Plant roots are unable to penetrate the land and the reverse process of compaction will require decades to occur. Sahel is another location with diminished quality and quantity of soil. The consequences include the region moving more into a desert periphery. The regions now experience hot days and harsh winds. A large portion of the soil has turned into stone hard soil that water and plant roots are unable to filter or penetrate. The lands stretching from the northern Africa are also having poor quality and quantity of soil. This is due to human activities such as overgrazing and deforestation. The consequences of their action are desertification and huge famine in 1980s that killed over 100,00o people in the region (Richardson, 2008)
II. Textbook
Soil is the mixture of fine matter consisting of organic remains, rock particles and clay. It forms the top most layer of the earth and support plant growth. It is normally black or dark brown in color and act as a habitat for some animal as insects and worms.
Soil erosion comprises of the removal of the earths top soil that has no vegetative cover by surface runoffs and other agents. This top soil is normally rich in humus and the best for plant growth. Soil erosion occurs when agents as wind and water flow over the soil carrying the loose top soil and depositing it at other places like riverbanks and the ocean. Soil desertification is the degradation of land due to loss of vegetation, moisture, salinization, and there is rampant soil erosion. It occurs because of increased human activities such as overgrazing and large-scale deforestation and rampant soil erosion (Scherr, 1999).
Soil degradation is due to over cultivation, overgrazing and deforestation. These trees poor land management practices are the largest contributors in the world to soil degradation. These practices leave the soil bare and exposed to agents of soil erosion.
Green revolution refers to the agricultural practice started in Mexico in the 1940s. The revolution introduced the use of technology in agriculture increasing food production per acreage. In 1960s, green revolution Africa adopted the techniques of the green revolution. During this period, the revolution increased food production saving people from hunger.
Industrial style animal farming damages the natural eco-system. This is due to the accumulation to the ground of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and chemicals used in animal feed production. The accumulation of these chemicals is due to their use on a large scale to produce animal feed and treat the large number of animals.
Food prices skyrocket due to decreased food production because of unpredictable weather, low levels of rainfall and droughts. Poor soil quality, also reduce the amount of yields making food prices increase. High-energy prices also contribute greatly to the high food prices. The cost of producing the food and transportation is increased by the high-energy prices.
Richardson, C. C. (2008, September 09). Soil. Retrieved December 05, 2013, from National Geographic:
Scherr, S. J. (1999). Soil Degradation: A Threat to Developing-country Food Security by 2020? washington: Intl Food Policy Res Inst. Read More
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Modual 6 Questions See below Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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