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Unit 5 DB - Research Paper Example

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These gases allow direct sunlight to reach the earth surface unbroken. Shortwave energy heats the land surface while longer wave energy is radiated back to the surface (United…
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Unit 5 DB
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UNIT 5 DB al Affiliation Introduction The greenhouse gases have been a problem in the 21st century. This is due to their contribution to climate change. This paper seeks to focus on greenhouse gases and global warming.
Greenhouse Gases
Many of the chemical compounds found on the globe have the potential of becoming greenhouse gases. These gases allow direct sunlight to reach the earth surface unbroken. Shortwave energy heats the land surface while longer wave energy is radiated back to the surface (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). However, this process is interrupted by green house gases as they absorb the energy, and hence allows less heat to go back to the space. This energy in terms of heat is trapped in the lower atmosphere. There are different types of greenhouse gases. Most of the gases occur naturally in the air while others are due to human activities. They include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
Global Warming
Global warming is real. This is due to the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that cause the earth temperature to rise. Of all the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, carbon dioxide occupies the large percentage of emission (Hogue, Johnson & Kemsley, 2013). This is mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels in electrical powered generation and industrial production. There is evidence that global warming is true and continues to take place. This is seen at the speed in which ocean level is rising. This is because global warming results to warming water that then increase water capacity. The increased water volume is also due to melting of glaciers. The melting of glaciers continues to be reported in Greenland and West Antarctica (Conservation International, 2012). Increased water volume has negative consequences for islands in the Caribbean and low-lying coastal areas
Sound Science
Sound science is a term used when defending an argument on an issue. This term is used to indicate that individuals in a case have facts on their side (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 1999). This term has helped in supporting the theory of global warming, as there is evidence that it is affecting people in different parts of the globe.
List Three Things That Can Be Done To Reduce Carbon Emissions
There are various ways to reduce carbon emission. They involve the use of nuclear energy as a source of electricity, reliance on geothermal and wind power, planting of trees, and reduction of fossil fuel use.
It is clear that greenhouse gases affect the environment in tremendous ways. One of the ways is the contribution to global warming.
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