Bejjing(China) Need Blue Skies - Essay Example

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These industries emit excess of coal dust in the air without filtering it and this seeps into Beijing and adds to the burning coal in that city (Codrington 387). In the city…
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Bejjing(China) Need Blue Skies
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Beijing (China) Need Blue Skies Air pollution in Beijing, China Much of the pollution in Beijing comes from processing and manufacturing industries outside the city. These industries emit excess of coal dust in the air without filtering it and this seeps into Beijing and adds to the burning coal in that city (Codrington 387). In the city however, the pollution emanates from the heavy vehicle traffic experienced within the city which emits carbon monoxide in excess to the level of even clouding the city black. The air pollution in Beijing is currently at 500 particles per cubic meter of air (Fisher 1).
What the government plans to do
According to the new premier, the government will tackle the air pollution issue by first handling the man-made causes of air pollution. This will includes the stringent measure of facing out backward production facilities which are the leading cause of the air pollution. Other than that, the government will start punishing the offenders without showing any form of mercy when using the law. This will prevent more people from causing the pollution or refusing to follow the law in as far as pollution measures are concerned.
Since China has been pursuing economic growth more and at the expense of the environment leading to the increase in the levels of air pollution, the new government now vows to tackle the environmental issues first before economic growth can be pursued as the health of the Chinese people comes first. Lastly is that the government plans to work hand-in-hand with the citizens to clean the air as the success of the exercise needs the input of the public more (Kang Lim and Sui-Lee 1).
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Bejjing(China) Need Blue Skies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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