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Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels" analyses fossil energy sources in comparison to alternative energy sources with the aim of evaluating the more beneficial option to adopt. Indeed, alternative energy sources provide both the environmental safety benefits…
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Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels
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Extract of sample "Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels"

Download file to see previous pages Indeed, alternative energy sources provide both the environmental safety benefits and reliability of energy supply not provided by fossil fuels. Early human beings used various natural sources of energy for their activities, notably wind, solar and water. But with the Industrial Revolution came the dependence on coal as a source of energy for American factories and later adopted worldwide. According to Brazier, this dependence borrowed from the primary energy source which came about in the same period; petroleum. The European-Americans brought a new meaning to this resource which had previously been considered as a nuisance by farmers. Altogether, coal, natural gas, and oil, considered as fossil fuels from animals and plants that existed millions of years ago, which were then buried underneath the surface of the earth and due to pressure transformed into combustible materials have been largely used as fuel. The first deposits of fossil fuels were discovered in the Cambrian period. But the modern world has become more aware on the non-renewable nature of these fossil fuels and the negative impact of its by-products and has hence appreciated the use of alternative sources of energy including solar, wind and water. The current debate that surrounds the use of either of these energy sources calls for elaborate evaluation so as to ensure the sustainability of the environment and continued effective industrial processes. The current generation and distribution of power in most areas have been operated on fossil fuels, popularly coal. The portability of fossil fuels makes it easy for organizations to easily store and transport the energy source when needed, be it fuel oil to be used in a furnace or coal to be used at a coal plant.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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