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My personal view on the environment is that it should be protected from being degenerated from various human activities that will pollute the environment. This is because it is through the environment that humanity survives, and without it there would be no means of survival, as…
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Environmental Sustainability My personal view on the environment is that it should be protected from being degenerated from various human activities that will pollute the environment. This is because it is through the environment that humanity survives, and without it there would be no means of survival, as all the resources available would not be in existence to support livelihood. These resources include water, air and plants, which make up the ecosystem without which there would be no means of survival.
My view on environmental sustainability is that it entails making the right decisions in terms of using the environment in a way that it will be protected from degeneration and pollution which if they would occur would leave the ecosystem in a state that would not support future generations. It entails proper use of resources in order to ascertain that there is continued existence of natural resources, whereby people are required to use resources in a way that they ensure their actions have reduced or no negative impact on the environment.
The three videos put emphasis on how people should make it their sole aim to protecting the environment to support humanity into the future. The videos explain that to be able to make the environment sustainable for human life into the future, it is the duty of everyone to ascertain that their actions are in line with the goal of environmental sustainability. I think that the videos are viable in that they explain why humans need to protect the environment through responsible practices so as to ensure that natural resources remain in existence and there is minimal pollution. Sustainability will ensure that humans have access to clean water, food and fresh air, which will be achieved if humans do not become a threat to their way of life by polluting the environment (Igloo Animations).
Work Cited
Igloo Animations. Sustainability explained through animation. Online video clip.
YouTube. YouTube, Apr 9, 2010. Web January 14, 2012. Read More
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