Enivromental impact of a product - Essay Example

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Lindsay’s. Frank E. Lindsay’s strap handle needs to be glued to the box whereas our strap handle can be attached to the box without the need to glue, which saves the glue as well as…
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Enivromental impact of a product
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Environmental Impact of a Strap Handle This paper compares the environmental impact of our strap handle design with that of Frank E. Lindsay’s. FrankE. Lindsay’s strap handle needs to be glued to the box whereas our strap handle can be attached to the box without the need to glue, which saves the glue as well as reduces the inconvenience for the users to buy a glue to use the strap handle.
Our strap handle is made of recycled materials so it plays a role in reducing waste rather than creating waste whereas Frank E. Lindsay’s strap handle is a flexible sheet or film that needs to be manufactured to create the strap from it. Accordingly, Frank E. Lindsay’s strap handle consumes more resources and produces more waste.
Our strap handle carries a weight meter unlike the strap handle of Frank E. Lindsay. The weight meter attached to our strap handle saves the users the cost and time otherwise consumed in weighing the box every time they have to transport the luggage from one place to another whereas the users of Frank E. Lindsay’s strap handle have to first weigh the box and then transport it. Weighing the luggage using external weighing machines might also involve the use of power which is thus avoided in our design.
Concluding, the environmental impact of our strap handle design is positive in that not only it saves the natural resources but helps to preserve them by using recycled materials in the making of the strap handle whereas the environmental impact of the strap handle design of Frank E. Lindsay is not as positive since it requires manufacturing of the film as well as weighing the boxes. Read More
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