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As the population and human activity is increasing the problems associated with the pollution and pollutants are also increasing that affected the human life and the habitat of the earth. Meanwhile it is a fact that there would be no economics if we try to make zero pollutant to…
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Case Scenario
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Download file to see previous pages The scenario points out the massive flow of pollutants from the boatyard towards the sea. On the other hand the oil containers drips oil into the sea that is a big danger for the marine life.
In the scenario, there is a massive flow of pollutant emerging from the marina and going towards the sea contaminating water and endangering the marine life. The people that visit marina complain about the pollutants and the drainage of oil from the oil containers. In this way, the major responsibility of mine is to stop the flow of pollutants into the outer environment.
I will have to apply rules and regulation for the restaurant to utilize the closed container for discarding the waste material (National Pollution Prevention Roundtable 2007). The material and shape of the waste containers should in this way that it can hold the heavy storms that occur seasonally in the area. However, there are several methods to build and buy such containers, like utilizing some heavy material in the waste container would solve the problem. The material could be of non-corrosive metallic material or some other material that can resist the heavy winds and storms and even the animal activity.
The other problem with the oil containers that lie on the marina can be solved by utilizing a bigger oil container on the marina instead of many 50 gallon oil containers. Moreover, the utilization of bigger tank ensures no oil leakage from the tank. The tank remains properly sealed so that no oil leaks from the tank. A proper oil pumping system would ensure that oil is filled in the boats and other vehicle properly. There is a need to consider the environmental aspect, in order to control the pollution.
The problem of the loose waste from the restaurant can be solved by warning the restaurant management to keep an eye on the loose waste and make rules that fine will be imposed if the restaurant continues the act. The increase in the number of waste containers will solve the problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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