Public health response to climate change: emerging issues: water security, the new energy, built environment& health - Assignment Example

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About a hundred years ago, this issue may not have been so seriously discussed as is being done today considering the large amount of…
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Public health response to climate change: emerging issues: water security, the new energy, built environment& health
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Gaffney Mendonsa April 27, Article Global Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: Understanding the Contribution of Infectious Disease Emergence: Workshop Summary.
It is not a new concept that the climate around us affects our health and has a considerable amount of influence on all living creatures. About a hundred years ago, this issue may not have been so seriously discussed as is being done today considering the large amount of evidence that supports the current global climate change and the effects it has on us humans and the ecosystem. It has been found that there is a strong correlation between climate change and the spread of infectious diseases and epidemics. This can be supported by studying the various patterns and linkages between the numerous weather maps and disease maps of the world. The seemingly unpredictable weather and catastrophic calamities that have occurred in recent times, has forced us to reflect on this issue with a much deeper understanding.
Article 2: Climate Change: The public Health Response
There is a scientific consensus that the global climate is changing, with rising sea levels, rising temperatures, melting of ice and snow and increasing climate variability. This condition is having a substantial effect on the physical, mental and social health of an individual. Many unprecedented weather events like heat waves, sea-level rise, droughts, floods and ecosystem migration lead to health effects like heat stress, injuries, drowning, malnutrition and vector-borne diseases. Hence, an effective public health response is necessary to prevent such occurrences, enhance public health preparedness, and reduce risks and the other unwanted effects of the global climate change. The ‘10 Essential Services of Public Health’ developed by the American Public Health Association and other agencies serve as a very useful guideline in this direction.
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David A. Relman, Margaret A. Hamburg, Eileen R. Choffnes, and Alison Mack. Global Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: Understading the Contributions to Infectious Disease Emergence: Workshop Summary. Forum on Global Health, 2008.
Howard Frumkin, Jeremy Hess, George Luber, Josephine Malilay and Michael McGeehin. Climate Change: The public health reponse. American Journal of Public Health, March 2008.
The three reputable websites - This is the website of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has done excessive research in the field of climate change including its effect on human health. - This is the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This page addresses the issue of the health problems related to climate change. - This page gives good information on what the WHO (World Health Organization) has done in this area. The references at the end of this page can also be used for further information. Read More
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