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10 short answer question - Assignment Example

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Sustainable economy is primarily the sustainable development which takes into account meeting the needs of the current without compromising the potential needs of future generations (Bruntland, 1987). Or
Economic growth measured by Gross domestic product is narrower concept…
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10 short answer question
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Download file to see previous pages It is normally measured through human Development Index, Index of economic well being (IEWB) etc.
The economic growth and economic development of Newfoundland is recorded to be almost 3% per year which is the highest during 1981 and 2010, whereas British Columbia had the lowest with 0.5 % per year during the same period.
the five major resources of energy available currently in industrialized countries are Coal, natural gas, oil, gathering under fossil fuels which are non-renewable ,Nuclear and hydroelectric which are renewable and other renewable sources like solar, wind, geo-thermal, tidal and waves energy.
Safe and sustainable energy is crucial for the sustainability of world economy. Today, an average person in an industrial market economy consumes approximately 80 times more than as much energy as someone in sub-Saharan Africa and about quarter of a world consumes three quarters of primary global energy which has led to uneven distribution of energy consumption. Low energy path is the best way towards a sustainable future. As per the current development rate the countries with in next 50 years could produce same levels of energy services with as little as half the primary supply currently consumed. However, this would require crucial decision making in socio-economic structure and institutional arrangements.
3. Describe the issue(s) associated with the salmon fishery (renewable resource) on the west coast of British Columbia. Describe the mitigation/management actions that are being applied currently? Have the mitigation management changes been successful?
Issues associated with salmon fishery include potential ecological interactions as well as disease concerns owing to climate change. Local over fishing along with climate change and fresh water habitat loss has severely hampered the marine fish species including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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10 Short Answer Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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