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Assignment.....Metals in the Environment, my topic is lead - Case Study Example

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Include in your discussion how the metal is transformed and the physiological effects in the body. Explain remediation in individuals.
Lead and its derivatives are the fifth most commonly used metal in…
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Case Study Assignment.....Metals in the Environment, my topic is lead
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Download file to see previous pages d in the 1960’s concluded that the amount of lead introduced into the environment via human means was 100 times more than that the amount added naturally (Wright A. & Welbourn, 2002). This research proved that lead contamination was one of the hazards brought by industrialization.
The form of lead that is most responsible for lead transmission is tetraethyl lead. Tetraethyl lead is a lead derivative that is used as an additive in gasoline. Other sources of inorganic lead are lead containing sweeteners, lead salts in paints and anticorrosion coats, in batteries, in protective glass that are used against radioactive substances and in insecticide. Lead is also used in water distribution networks and is also used in containers that hold food and drinks. The usage of lead in these sensitive areas can cause mobilization of lead if the liquid medium is soft, acidic or poorly buffered. This translates into lead contamination in drinking water and food and drink vessels. As mentioned afore, paints and anticorrosive agents contain high concentrations of lead. As anticorrosive coats or paints wear off they mobilize particles of lead dust into the air. Lead dust is a direct means of contact with lead particles, and it can also settle in soils or aquatic mediums. Most forms of lead are insoluble. This means that even though practice of using lead derivative compounds in products has ceased, lead and its derivatives are still in the environment.
The dispersal of lead is through three major mediums; the atmosphere, the water and the soil. The dispersal of inorganic lead through the atmosphere is dependent on the particle size of lead. Lead particles having larger size, greater than 2µm in diameter; tend to fall close to their source of origin. They continue to contaminate and pollute the water and soil around the source. Particles which are smaller in size, less than 2µm in diameter; are capable of travelling larger distances. Transference through atmosphere not only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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