Environmental Movement History - Assignment Example

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This assignment talks about managing and taking care of the available natural resources and considering the human race as a quite important factor in creating policies and also encouraging the behavior that promotes the preservation of the ecosystem…
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Environmental Movement History
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Environmental Movement History My understanding of the environmental movement had been a simple one. I do understand that is is mainly about the conservation of nature and resolving environmental issues. I also understand that this is about managing and taking care of the available natural resources, and considering human race as an important factor in creating policies and encouraging behavior that promote the preservation of the ecosystem. However, due to the vast and diverse membership, there are issues that always arise regarding the concept, especially with the advent of advanced technology and the differing opinions about it (Barnes 29).
After reading Penas articles and thoughts about the environmental movement, what remained in me is this concept of locavorism wherein people are encouraged to produce their own local food for self-sufficiency. This is in direct contrast to cosmovorism, which is, sadly, what is currently happening to almost everywhere in the world (Pena, “Hunger Politics”). For someone in a community garden class, it is important to have a deeper understanding of environmentalism and the modern-day movements that are being advanced towards a better relationship between humans and the ecosystem. This is because aside from promoting self-sufficiency, reliance to local surroundings, and liberty to decide the land production and aims of the locality, it also prevents the exploitation of other localities (Pena “Hunger Politics”). A student of a community garden class should have a deeper perspective on the underlying principles of having a community garden. One should be aware that this is not just about planting, gardening, farming, or spending leisure time on worthwhile activities, but about the desire to achieve a better relationship between the human race and the environment.
2. Health encompasses several different things. Overall individual health involves mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being (Barnes 29). A person may exhibit physical health but still be emotionally disturbed. However, for the purpose of a more common and general understanding, I will talk about physical health, which is basically the one that we aim to answer especially in community garden classes. On a personal viewpoint, I am generally healthy. I grew up learning to love food that are within the recommended daily intake in the food pyramid. However, one cannot deny that no matter how much we try to be careful about our food intake, we are not in control of the composition of food that we buy on a daily basis. People nowadays rely on processed food that, despite the “health benefits” claims, still provide the nation with health more and more complicated health problems. Along with the revolution of the food industry is the revolution of medicine --- which speaks a lot, if I may say (Barnes 29-30). This is what I like so much at the Solano Canyon Community Garden. They push for more organic food that can be locally produced, which throws us back to the basic concept of food as being “nourishment” for the body. It made me realize how ironic it is to consider food as something people need to survive, yet also causes several of the health issues bombarding the world of health and medicine. For me, the more I become involved in the Solano Community Garden, the more I learn that this is not just about farming, or producing local food, or even promoting basic health awareness. This is about changing lifestyles and perceptions regarding the whole environmental movement.
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