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The author of the essay explores whether hybrid cars are better for the environment or not. In fact, a hybrid vehicle will have a conventional internal combustion engine and a fuel tank and in addition to this one or more electric motors and a battery pack. …
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Are hybrid cars better for the environment
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Running Head: Are Hybrid Cars Better for the Environment? Are Hybrid Cars Better for the Environment? s Introduction
Fomites are said to be hybrid when it makes use of more than one kind of committed energy to attain forward motion. This only means, in practice, a hybrid vehicle will have a conventional internal combustion engine and a fuel tank and in addition to this one or more electric motors and a battery pack. Hybrids are most frequently gasoline-burning machines which use its electric bits to gather and reuse energy that is normally wasted in standard cars (Dan Edmunds, 2009).
Hybrid cars are better for the Environment
It is reasonable that when fewer burning of gasoline takes place then lesser will be the discharges and expelling put out by hybrid vehicles. The internal combustion engines in hybrid cars are so planned that they become more fuel competent and more subdued than conventional engines. Pollutant discharges from the hybrid cars are definitely lesser when compared to the conventional ones (Jennifer Maughan, 2008).
Hybrids are gasoline efficient of all cars as they normally get 48 to 60 mpg (claimed). This is about 20% to 35% more beneficial than a fuel effective gasoline provided fomites - like the Honda Civic which gets 36 mpg. This result in less pollutant discharged in the atmosphere (Philip Dunn, 2006).
Fewer and cleaner discharges are a foremost reason as to why hybrid cars are commonly known as green cars. Decreased emission assures lesser pollution degrees, and this undoubtedly is highly essential in todays world (Parashar Joshi, 2009).
The second mode of hybrid cars is better to the environment because they help in reducing the levels of noise pollution. Hybrid car engines keep on blending the essential quantity of horsepower without any unnecessary roaring. When the hybrid cars are switched onto the electric power mode they operate silently. This ultimately reduces noise pollution (Parashar Joshi, 2009).
When everyone switches to hybrid cars it benefits the environment from reducing Global warming which are todays most crucial environmental issues. Lessening of smoke emission and chemical discharges on a large scale basis will help tackle the problems of global warming (Parashar Joshi, 2009).
Actually when the conventional cars ply on the roads the pollutants discharged by them will lead to respiratory ailments like lung cancer. But when hybrid cars are used the pollutants discharged are lesser and so our health is also protected (Lopez, 2008).
In the most wide-ranging plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) research to date, which was brought out in 2007 by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the non profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), results forecast that all greenhouse gases will be decreased as PHEVs start to perforate the car market. The range of approximate accumulative greenhouse gas reductions from 2010 to 2050 depends on how quickly PHEVs enter the markets. This might range from 3.4 to 10.3 billion tons (Larry West, 2009).
The consumers can be given a bundle of benefits so that the advantages of owning a hybrid car can make the environment better to live. Some countries even offer tax breaks to hybrid car owners. Also the drivers of the hybrid cars can be permitted to use carpool lanes or restricted-traffic zones ( worldbusiness /01iht-greencol02.3.6940463.html accessed 3rd March 2010).
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