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However, in this article’s focus will be on global warming with respect to environmental issues. It will also entail the impacts, problems and solutions of global warming.Environmental policies and ethics have helped in the reduction of global warming. …
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Environmental Policies: Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages Environmental policies are commitments set by different organizations worldwide to protect the environment (Archer, 2012). They include the rules, regulations and policies which govern the environmental organizations globally to ensure environmental ethics and security of the future generations. Environmental issues include global warming, air pollution, solid waste management, protection of natural resources, and regulation of endangered species and maintenance of biodiversity among others (Cline, 2007).
Global warming is change in the mean of the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperature (Houghton, 2003). It has been an ongoing process since the 19th century after most of the man made activities contributed the changes. These changes include those that caused the economic revolutions in most parts of the earth. They included the economic, social and political changes that accrue communities irrespective of their locations. According to scientists, the earth’s surface temperature has increased since 1980 with an average of about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F). In 2007, reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicate that the 22nd century’s surface temperate will rises with a margin of 1.1 to 2.9 °C (2 to 5.2 °F). These results are based on research in green houses’ gas concentrations.
However, changes in the global warming impacts in the future will vary with the location and their contributions to global warming. According to most scientists, more of the man made causes cause global warming. This means that in most location without human populations the impacts will be lowers as compared to those with human population.
Remarkably, the whole impact will be felt worldwide irrespective of the location. The only thing that varies is the magnitude of the impact. Additionally, these changes in global warming have harmful or deadly effects to human beings. Such impacts include a threat to food and water security which is essential for human survival. To other animal species, there is also the change in habitats to facilitate their survival due to the negative changes in global warming. Environmental policies and global warming Environmental policies have helped in the regulation of companies and firms that contribute to causes of global warming. However, the most of the policies depend on sources of causes. These polices reduce in the involvement of human and natural causes in global warming. Additionally, biophysical environment and other natural resources have been involved in most of the causes to prevent global warming. This affects the type of impacts that global warming has on the larger population. Most of the global warming cases have caused the green house effect. This effect is the process where the absorption and emission of radiations from gases have been used to warm the earth’s surface. It was one of the great ideas from scholars in the 1800s. John Tyndall is one of the elites contributing to knowledge on the green house effect. Additionally, causes of global warming such high rates of gas emissions affecting the atmosphere will be explained further in the research. There have been various causes of global warming and scientists contributed to solutions. Global warming has been causes by both human natural causes. Since man-made causes are the major contributions to global warming, scientist have come up with ways to come up with solutions to this man made causes. According to most environmental scientists, synthetic causes are part of the major contribution to global warming. Pollution which is caused by human activities is on of the major sources of global warming. It has been caused through the introduction of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This is through various activities such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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