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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Cod fish conservation Decades of intensive fishing of the Atlantic cod have led to a dramatic fall in stocks on both sides of the ocean. Scientists believe that we are currently fishing the supposed 10% that remains of the original North America populations, which are at risk of never being able to fully regenerate…
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Research paper of fish
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Download file to see previous pages Pacific cod is more abundant than Atlantic cod thus should be preferred as an alternative. When available, cod caught with long lines, as a preferable technique, should offer a better choice which in turn minimizes harm to the ecosystem. Certified organic farmed cod can also be used as a suitable option. A total of $150 million in relief has been set aside for the New England fishermen and two other fishing areas included in an early vision of the Hurricane Sandy relief bill that passed to reduce on the cod fishing. (Kurlansky p,356)This was done to offer alternatives to farmers who plunged into the sea and made 100 trips so that they reduce the trips made in the sea so as to allow regeneration of the cod fish stocks. Introduction and proliferation of equipment and technology led to the increase of landed fish. These new technologies affected the cod fish populations as they increased the area and depth they were fished the catching of uneconomical species of fish thus depleting the stocks of important predator and prey species. The cod fishery had thrived for hundreds of years before overfishing set in as a result of poor management systems that depleted the stocks so greatly that led to the collapse of the industry. In 1992, more than 35,000 people lost their jobs due to the disappearance of the cod fish thus leaving them at a state of despair. ( Cod Jigging Report in 2006-2011) Due to the great cod fish populations, the fishery was sustainable as the cod fish was seasonal thus there could be regeneration of the stocks. The fishing trends and demands in the market played a major role in its collapse due to the overfishing that ensued and poor management thus leading to its collapse. The farmed versions content of the feed has changed as well. Forage fish provides two essential products: fish meal, for protein, and fish oil, for omega-3 fatty acids which is a suitable alternative to the fish. The different environmental conditions, food requirements for the wild fish and the nature of the environment hinder the domestication of the wild fish. (Rose p,146)Wild fish require specific temperatures and conditions that would favor their growth and reproduction and also specific food to sustain their development and this cannot be provided in a domestic environment limiting their production in a domestic setting. The presence or absence of the cod in the ecosystem impacts the pelagic fish, the herring to the zooplankton and phytoplankton through a “trophic cascade.” The presence of cod can therefore decrease the intensity of the local alga blooms. What other species are affected by its decline? There is little hope as there is slow recovery of the cod stocks due to inadequate food supplies, cooling of the North Atlantic and poor genetic stock due to the overfishing of larger cod. Recent studies reveal that recovery of cod stocks are showing promises of resurgence, despite earlier thoughts of complete collapse. Severity of the collapse of the cod fishery can only be equated to the large populations that lost their livelihoods: estimated 35,000 fishers, were left unemployed. Though there was a smooth intervention by the government to save the situation through a program known as Northern Cod Adjustment and Recovery Program and later through the Atlantic Ground fish strategy. (DISCHNER) There is increased economic diversification, emphasis on education and emergence of a thriving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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