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Environmental regulation and economic productivity - Essay Example

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This paper talks about the impact environmental regulations have on productivity of a country in the globalized world of today. This easy also analyses the theories that supports positive impact of environmental regulations. Environmental regulations in the U.S. are considered in the essay…
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Environmental regulation and economic productivity
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Extract of sample "Environmental regulation and economic productivity"

Download file to see previous pages Although these arguments have risen among several organizations, the fact remains that yet to be defined. Most of their research shows that environmental regulation are bas most of the impacts on economic growth. Additionally, they show that tight regulations such as emission of gases could be expensive to tackle and reduce their effects to the living organisms. Most of the industries use the fuel to that is harmful to the ozone layer. Impacts of state environmental policies on average annual growth 1990-1992 Economic indicators Coefficient probability No Relationship Odds of a negative Relationship Gross rate Non-farm employment Manufacturing employment Business failure rate -.36 0.32 -0.13 0.58 -0.14 0.66 -13.59 0.22 3.2:1 1:2:1 1:2:1 1:142 The research shows that among the surviving companies in the world, the rate of pollution will depend on the production processes that are involved. The studies shows have shown that the economists know that regulations are seldom good for the economy unless the mutual benefits are spend on outweighing the cost of production. Hence, most of them end up spending a lot of time evaluating the cost and the significances of proposed regulations and productivity. It has also been suggested that economists that regulations could be a good business opportunity for some other innovators even though high costs are imposed on them. For instance, producer/manufacturers that are the origins of discovering good ways of doing away with the environmental pollution play a big role to maintain the prices low through profit analysis. Additionally, the economists may tend to exploited profit from the sellers because of technology. But, some business ideas can makes others to...
This essay describes the basic regulations that have been set by the international body to regulate environmental pollution. The paper also analyze both positive and negative effects of environmental regulations on the production.
Environmental regulations have been widely discussed in the U.S. according to the economic cost. This activism began some years back with an aim of reducing and restricting pollution and emission for a duration of time regarding that through four decades clean water and air were inadequate.
Regulations imposed on the environment are said to reduce productivity. Regulation has continued to rise progressively across the world since 1970s as environmental value has implicit growing significance on both the political and civic agenda. In the United States, total Pollution abatement management overheads are about 1.5-2.5% of GDP per year.
Environmental regulation and economic productivity has been analyzed as a basic tool through which the plants are generally force to reduce the emission. Although this has happened to be so much speculating, environmental regulations must be eligible of to handle many cases such as reduced production in agricultural sector. The essay has clarified the similarities between environment and production activities whereby in most cases the plants are being accused as the biggest and the core causes of environmental pollution through emission of gases. The gases are considered to cause hazardous effects to the ozone layer.
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