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Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change - Essay Example

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The last recent years have seen a rise in research finding concerning the climate change majorly due to global warming. This issue has posed a dilemma to both scientific fraternities as well as to the social life. …
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Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change
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"Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages This pressing nature of the problem has necessitated the active participation of merely all sectors and institutions of the world towards alleviating the accompanying effects. Environmental organizations in the past have taken a leading role in informing the public, inspiring them as well as equipping them in manners appropriate to participate effectively in the challenge of controlling the climate change. This is because most of the recent findings point to human beings as being the main cause to the climatic change because of activities that lead to build up of green houses gases within the atmosphere. Burning of fossil fuels as well as deforestation has been majorly blamed on increasing the green house gases, which lead to global warming and in effect lead to the adverse effects that are seen from climate change and alteration of climate systems globally. However, lack of information by many people lead to the low participation towards curtailing the effects of climate change. Nevertheless, the active participation of all human beings towards the problem necessitates that they are equally involved in finding the solution to the problem. Public awareness of the effects of personal activities towards rising levels of concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as well as other environmentally unfriendly activities would play a great role in the efforts to contain climate change across the globe. This is the active role that most of the museums (not all) are currently engaged in with efforts towards alleviating the effects of climate change. Discussion Despite the active participation and the evident efforts by many world governments to educate the citizens concerning the problem, much is still to be done. This has therefore necessitated the active participation of nongovernmental organizations, scientific agencies and other institutions towards the common goal of environmental conservation with a motive of alleviating the effects of climate change. In particular, such active participation has been seen in the recent past from the historical museums across the globe. Most of the museums are taking active role in educating the public on such emerging issues in a timely way. There is growing evidence of scientific museums actively participating in empowering the public alongside other agencies such as environmental organizations through information in efforts to control climate change and hence the effects (Ryan, 2005, p. 4-5). The nineteenth century saw great revolution in creation of public awareness by scientific expositions as well as world fairs, which would later trigger active participation of the historical museums into the good course. The growing sense of responsibility over the time slowly led to the strategic moves by museums to participate actively in controlling the menace. The process of adopting the role of educating the populace concerning global warming and effects by the museums have seen development of educational theories as well as visitor research. The outcome of such efforts has been seen in development and adoption of conservation related exhibitions, which has been very instrumental in creating public awareness on the topic (Ryan, 2005, p. 23). Museums role as custodians of rich history not only safeguards the history but also enables there to be a link between the past, the present as well as the future. Sustainability has therefore shaped many of the efforts by the museums as defined by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change Essay)
Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change Essay.
“Museology of Natural History. Historic Museums And Climate Change Essay”, n.d.
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