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Review of Ashton Coal Water Management Plan Introduction Water management plan is fundamentally described as a plan that is broadly developed to form effective goals along with policies concerning the usage of water. The plan is also regarded as an outstanding structure that is broadly executed towards scrutinizing progress once water usage is recognized as an imperative environmental aspect (U.S…
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Review of Ashton Coal Water Management Plan
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Download file to see previous pages It is the Department of Primary Industries and Water which typically formulates as well as executes an effectual water management plan. However, it is mandatory for this particular department to sanction an application from a Water Entity for the purpose of taking over the execution of the plan (DPIPWE, n.d.). An effective water management plan possesses certain imperative functions. These functions comprise determining water pricing, complying with financial regulations, conducting perfect water planning along with management, identifying water markets, developing water supply as well as allied services and most importantly advancing appropriate management of water quality. It is the accountability of different water authorities, governmental agencies and water utilities to ensure smoothly execution of an effective plan of water management (NWMS, 2012). An effective water management plan is quite indispensable in order to preserve environmental integrity by forming an appropriate balance between various important aspects like sustainable advancement, socio-economic development and healthy along with secured environment (Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, 2007). It has been apparently observed that the conception of an effective water management plan is practiced for several years with the intention of fostering sustainable development and healthy environment. The framework associated with the plan of water management has been principally based upon enlarged understanding about environmental complexities and future challenges linked with socio-economic development. According to the frameworks associated with the plan of water planning, it has been viewed that the plan can be applied to different water bodies that encompass rivers, streams, wetlands, aquifers and lakes. Any individual can introduce as well as develop an effective planning related to water management but must follow the frameworks with the intention of fostering socio-economic advancement and sustainable development (Grafton & Hussey, n.d.). In this similar circumstance, it is to be stated that the frameworks linked with effective planning of water management would be reviewed after every five years ensuring that the plan continues to endorse prolonged water management. Specially mentioning, the prime objectives of an effectual planning of water management are to deliver long-term benefits to the community and most significantly to foster sustainable advancement along with socio-economic development. After acquiring a brief idea about the prime intentions of an effectual water management plan, it can broadly be affirmed that the aspect concerning effective planning of water management has broader scope in future targeting towards developing the environment at large (Alberta Environment, n.d.). With this concern, this paper intends to conduct an in-depth review of Water Management Plan relating to Ashton Coal. Moreover, after conducting thorough review of different facets contained in the plan, the plan would be passed or not will also be discussed in this paper. A Brief Overview of Ashton Coal Water Management Plan Ashton Coal Operations Pty Limited which is prevalently acknowledged as ACOL is fundamentally regarded as a completely-owned ancillary of Yancoal Australia Limited (Yancoal). It is essentially a coalmine which operates the Ashton Coal Project (ACP) that is located in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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