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Renewable energy disadvantages - Essay Example

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RENEWABLE ENERGY DISADVANTAGES By University name Renewable energy Renewable energy are those energy sources that cannot be exhausted. They draw their energy from the sun. It is noteworthy that both renewable and non-renewable sources of energy derive their sources from solar energy…
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Renewable energy disadvantages
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Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, solar power produces little or no carbon emission. Its use will not affect the level of energy in the earth’s crust. Capentieri et al (1993, p.160) argues that it is very important to put into consideration technology used to convert renewable sources of energy to meaningful use. It is critical to carry a feasibility study then match with appropriate technology to covert the energy source. One other factor to consider before investing in renewable energy is the collection of data. Most data is available as a primary source of other activities like flood control and weather forecast. This data may be flawed and lack precision. Once data is, available next is to put the appropriate technology. For renewable energy to be a success story, policies and guidelines should be in place to facilitate the whole process. For instances, stopping the use of coal to produce electricity will promote renewable sources like wind power. In general renewable sources of are friendly to environment. It makes it appropriate for use in industries and reduces the damage on the ozone layer. Despite renewable energy offering best alternatives for energy, it has disadvantages that affect its use. Disadvantages of Renewable Energy Solar energy- it is the energy derived from the rays of the sun using solar panels. Cost- the cost of installing solar panels is relatively high and few can afford to install large photovoltaic solar cells to produce electricity. So harnessing solar power still remain a challenge. Space-for solar energy to be effective, it requires large space for efficiency of the equipment used to tap its power. It is not appropriate in places where surface area is small. Photovoltaic cells cannot reach optimum level where pollution is high. It reduces effectiveness of solar panels. In winter and rainy weather the solar panels are less effective. Solar panels attract extra expenses in harnessing solar energy. They cannot perform at night, having the need to purchase accumulators to store energy. Wind Power- it is the energy derived from wind using wind turbines. Noise-despite wind being clean energy, turbines produces huge noises. Destruction to animals-birds is the major casualties of wind turbines. Turbines scare away birds in places they are constructed, hence interfering with their habitats. Strength of the wind- at times when large amount of wind power is required, wind may be low to turn the turbines and because of this wind energy is unreliable. Location- coastal receive strong wind completely year round. Areas away from the coastal line do not benefit much form wind energy. Space- wind turbines takes ocuupy much space that would otherwise be used for other economic purposes. Cost- construction of wind turbines is costly. Several turbines should be constructed to produce equal amount of energy produced by other sources of energy. Hydropower-this is the energy derived from moving water. Toxic gases- hydropower produces toxic gases, affecting plants surrounding the dam. This leads to emission of methane gas, which pollutes the environment. Destruction of habitat-animals and people around the dam has to move due to water making conditions near the dam unbearable. Costs-equipments for installation of hydropower are very expensive. Initial cost both capital and labour are relatively very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Renewable Energy Disadvantages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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