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China has excellent environmental policies on paper. The problem is that the policies are not implemented do you agree with this - Essay Example

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For a developing country is there always a trade-off between growth and the environment? In a vast majority of cases, there is a trade-off between economic growth and development, and environment for the developing countries. Many developing countries like China have achieved economic growth and development with policies that are compromising with respect to environmental health and safety…
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China has excellent environmental policies on paper. The problem is that the policies are not implemented do you agree with this
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Extract of sample "China has excellent environmental policies on paper. The problem is that the policies are not implemented do you agree with this"

Download file to see previous pages “The high-growth, resource-intensive development strategy China has pursued, coupled with the norms and institutional relationships designed to support this development strategy, have no doubt played a critical role in the deteriorating quality of the environment” (Jahiel, n.d., p. 34). The decentralization of economy has provided the officials both operating at the provincial level and at the regional level with incentives and means to develop and advance the local economies. There has been a pervasive emphasis on the consumerism, development, and profit in the proclamations of the government as well as throughout the society. This has made the local governments feel justified in intervening against such regulations as environmental protection since they are considered unfavorable to the growth of economy. Rapid growth of economy has been the major goal of the Chinese state since the 1990’s. This goal has been supported by the state by means of institutional arrangements like creation of the consumerist and growth-oriented social norms, and the decentralization of political economy that spurs local initiative. ...
ild pursuit of economic growth, and failed to avoid some of the worst pollution scenarios we, as policymakers, had predicted” (Geping cited in King, 2013). In its attempt to maintain the economic boom, the enterprises owned by state in China that account for the employment of up to 110 to 115 million workers need to be shut down or streamlined, which would result in the ruse of social dislocation as well as unemployment (Knup, n.d., p. 9). There is a lot of tendency of growth in the social unrest as the urban centers teem with the unemployed people providing them with no previous benefits. Demands of more consumer goods and food have increased because of the rising standards of living at the same time, that have increased the pressure on the government to sustain further growth of economy since the expectations of the people have to be satisfied. Indeed, the biggest challenge that the Chinese leaders are facing today is how to sustain the growth of economy and simultaneously address the rising social challenges. China faces significant environmental challenges-what is it doing to head them off? Transformations in the environmental policies of China are a fundamental component of the Scientific Outlook on Development that is amongst the major national strategic theories of China. With the frequent occurrence of natural disasters and climate changes on a global scale, the whole world has paid attention toward China’s environmental policy, since it is a major power of the world in the present age. China induced major changes in its environmental policy in the 1990s. The environmental policy was integrated into the growth strategy of China. China went on board with a comprehensive approach to the environmental policy as the administration of Hu Jintao commenced in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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