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Multi-generational Sustainability Perspectives and Practices - Research Paper Example

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Multi-generational Sustainability Perspectives and Practices Name: Institution: Abstract The way individuals treat and handle their surroundings is determined by how they view it. Therefore, environmental perspectives refer to the way in which a person views the environment and the process of assessing and storing information obtained about the environment…
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Multi-generational Sustainability Perspectives and Practices
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, this study aims at identifying the similarities and differences between the environmental perspectives between the two generations. The respondents were asked to rate the environment in their local community, their nation, and the world. Data was obtained through interviewing grandparents, parents, and fellow students. The data obtained was qualitatively analyzed to determine the similarities and differences in environmental perspectives between the two generations. The results, except for few surprises, were what one would expect. Most of the respondents believed that their local environments were to some extend satisfactory, while the global environment was in immense trouble. In addition, the respondents differed and concurred on some perspectives towards the environment Discussion People hold different perspectives about the environment. The way people perceive the environment determines the way they use natural resources, their consumption practices, recreation, travel, and food sources and storage. People’s perspectives on the environment have been divided into four classes: imperialism, utilitarianism, stewardship and romanticism. These groups of perspectives account for majority of the opinions and perspectives that most individuals hold about the environment. The opinion of stewardship holds that people have a certain responsibility and privilege in relation to their surroundings, as stewards of the environment. This is similar to what nearly all the grandparents and parents hold towards the environment. Most of the elderly noted that they believe that it is their duty, as human beings, to take care of the environment, and to treat anything that is on it with respect. One thing that came out of the interview with the elderly is that, the environment consists of both the living and non living things. The elderly consider the environment as sacred and that it is biblical to take care of it. They consider it a religious duty of every individual to take care of the environment. These respondents viewed the environment as uncontrollable, unpredictable and powerful, and the only thing they can do is to be fatalistic, and accept the good and the bad that comes from it. This view implies that people can only be submissive in the face of environment. This submissive nature of the environment dates back to history, according to Nash (1967), and is based on the inability of the people to control nature and on the association of the environment with the supernatural. Just like stewardship, imperialism is connected to the biblical perspective of the environment. Some of the fellow students believe that the environment was created and given over to mankind to explore and rule over it. Among the youth and the parent respondents, they feel that there is no sacred bond that exists between God and the environment. They believe that by ruling over the environment and controlling it would earn them respect from God. This gives the reason for the extreme actions against the environment while trying to control and rule over it. This can be attributed to the rapid increase in environmental degradation among the youths. Ancient imperialists practiced and offered sacrifices to God. One of the ancient imperialists suggested that conquering nature is the highest aspiration an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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