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Critical of Environmental Statements - Literature review Example

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Critical Review of Environmental Statements Table of Contents Introduction 3 Methodology 3 Aims 3 Evaluating Environmental Statement Published In Accordance With the EMAS Regulation 4 Environmental Compliance Issues Faced by Park Communication 6 Legal Compliances Regarding the Environment 6 Objectives and Targets of the Company 6 Performance Data 7 Core Indicators 9 Accompanying Statement of Conformance 10 Conclusion 11 Recommendations 12 12 References 13 Bibliography 14 Appendix 15 Introduction Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a technique designed for organisations to manage and enhance their environmental activities…
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Critical review of Environmental Statements
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Download file to see previous pages A few of the key factors of the EMAS would include openness, periodic provision of the environmental information and transparency. These factors are also vital for the companies to build a confident relationship with the interested entities (EMAS, n.d.). Methodology In the entire evaluation process a primarily qualitative approach will be used. It would intend to evaluate the EMAS environmental statement of Park Communication based on certain benchmarks such as company performances in accordance with EMAS regulations, core indicators of company performances and the organisational goals which is expected to render an in-depth understanding of the environmental compliance practices by Park Communication. Furthermore, using statement checklist the report would present an accompanying statement of conformance that would justify the evaluation. The aspect related to the conformance of environmental statement with the prescribed guidelines will be evaluated from the EMAS environmental statement of Park Communications. Aims This report aims to conduct a critical evaluation of an environmental statement published in accordance with the EMAS regulation. The report would be presented to the Environmental Manager of an organisation i.e. Park Communications. Evaluating Environmental Statement Published In Accordance With the EMAS Regulation This report reviews an EMAS environmental statement of an organisation i.e. Park Communications. In this regard, the report considers the EMAS environmental statement of Park Communications, which sets the objectives for the year 2011. Park Communications is a United Kingdom based organisation which provides ‘one-point-of-contact’ services to translate, distribute and store literature of the people. The company also performs functions such as print reports and accounts, marketing literature, financial prospectuses and government publications among others (Park Communications, n.d.). It has been observed that the company has been quite committed towards the employees, customers, local environment and global environment along with taking every step by considering all these aspects. The company is aware of the fact that whatever it does would certainly have an effect upon the environment, directly as well as indirectly. In this regard, the company has taken a step further and introduced the system of EMAS in the organisation. Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is an initiative designed to enhance the environmental activities of companies. It further aims to identify and reward organisations to take a step further to improve its performance. According to this scheme, companies would have to present reports publicly on a regular basis that could show how they are improving their environmental activities (Park Communications, 2011). Park Communications aims at managing its business in a way that would have less effect on the environment. It has been obse ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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