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Organization Review of Nature Conservancy of Canada (values, ethics, codes of conduct,description of latest activities, impact o - Assignment Example

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Natural Conservancy of Canada Environment activism encompasses an ideology of preservation and conservation of the natural environment. It is a social, scientific and political movement that seeks to improve and restore the environment. It has now been globally accepted that environmental issues represent challenges to the daily lives of human beings…
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Organization Review of Nature Conservancy of Canada (values, ethics, codes of conduct,description of latest activities, impact o
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Extract of sample "Organization Review of Nature Conservancy of Canada (values, ethics, codes of conduct,description of latest activities, impact o"

Download file to see previous pages For some decades, private industries, government or non-government organizations are becoming involved in environmental activities. All these organizations strive towards moulding human activities in alignment with environmental issues. Currently there are thousands of non-government organizations (NGOs) that work with the objective of protecting the natural environment. The power and scope of some such organizations are so large that their budgets more often exceed the national budgets of many countries on environmental issues. Some best known organizations are Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Chipko Movement, Conservation International etc (Wapner, 2). Natural Conservancy of Canada The organization selected for this paper is Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). It is a Canadian non-profit charitable environmental organization. It was established in November 1962 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. The mission of the organization is to protect the areas of natural diversity including land, water, plants, animals, ecosystems and landscapes for the young and future generations. The organization initiates and innovates strategies and technologies to conserve the natural heritage of Canada. The website of this organization is . The biological diversity of this planet is getting reduced at an alarming rate. This is a matter of grave concern as it threatens the quality of human life and risks the lives of future generations. The activities of NCC are “guided by the belief that society will be judged by what it creates in the present and what it conserves for the future” (“Missions and Values”). The NCC secures lands through purchase or donations and then preserves these properties for the long term. The organization procures land either through direct purchase from the private landowners like corporate and individuals, or through donations from private landowners. NCC also enters into conservation agreement with landowners. According to this agreement the landowners agrees to avoid doing any such activities that would be harmful to the ecological value of the land. NCC has a panel of conservation science professionals whose purpose is to formulate and execute plans and strategies for the long term protection, management and restoration of natural resources of Canada. NCC also contributes to environmental education on environmental evaluation, management concepts or proposals. NCC follows a four step procedure for conservation process. Firstly, they set priorities by identifying the land area to conserve, or by identifying species and habitats whose life and health need to be protected. Secondly, the organization develops strategies to protect and conserve the species and habitats. Thirdly, they apply these strategies either alone or with cooperation from partners. Fourthly, they assess the result of their actions. They supervise the efficiency of their strategies, and assess whether the species and habitats are well protected and their overall health is improved (“The Conservation Process”). The NCC shares and applies various values while working across Canada. The NCC has the advantage of procuring the best available scientific consultancies regarding conservation and protection. They work in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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