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Lands and Forestry (general topic) How cutting trees can affect water streams and fish therefore the chain of food - Assignment Example

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Author’s Name Date Cutting trees affects the environment in that it eliminates the water towers that are well known to act as catchment areas for water. As such, trees are known to trap water at their roots and keeping the air around them moist, especially when they grow together in one large mass of land…
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Lands and Forestry (general topic) How cutting trees can affect water streams and fish therefore the chain of food
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, cutting trees reduces the likelihood of cloud and rain formation leading to lower volumes of rainfall or precipitation thus reduced water quantities for plant life and other animals that live in areas with trees and even those that depend on other animals that depend, extensively, of trees (“Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees”). In addition, another common effect of cutting trees to life in the water that affects fish is the issue of temperature in the water and even in the air surrounding a forested area (“Deforestation”). This is because trees assist in keeping the temperature of the earth at a regulated level; which is crucial for the sustenance of life on earth, which is why desert lands are known to be either extensively hot or even extensively cold. With this in mind, temperature changes affect life drastically in relation to migration and the likelihood of animals and other plant facing extinction and even elimination from their natural habitat. Concerning this, fish in the water are known to feed mainly on planktons that grow in warm water that translates that increased temperatures due to tree felling results in increased plankton growth. As a result, there is bound to be a higher population of planktons than the fish that can feed on them, which makes it grow to excessive levels and die. The death of planktons requires decomposition in order to clean it from the water, and it takes oxygen to eliminate it. This, in turn, leads to reduced levels of oxygen in the water, which is bad for the fish and leads to their death and reduced numbers. Due to this, the food chain is placed under pressure to find alternative sources of food, as is the case for humans who feed on fish and even birds. This turns them against other animal population in order to fill in the deficit left by the reduced number of fish in the water. This might even cause some animals to migrate from their natural habitat in search for more suitable sources of food, as is the case for alligators and other animals that feed on fish as their primary source food. This is all due to increased temperature levels that affect food growth in the water. In addition to increased water temperature levels, fish tend to migrate to areas that have lower or suitable temperatures in order to alleviate the likelihood of extinction (McKewon 82). Other than these two effects of cutting trees, affecting streams and fish and finally the food chain, erosion also factors. In this case, cutting trees allows room for erosion of soil into water bodies such as streams since trees protect the soil from being washed away (“Why Is Clearcutting…”). Erosion raises the streambed to higher levels than it should be leaving fish susceptible to predators due to hunting with ease. Through this, the fish face extinction thanks to high levels of being taken out of the water and even the population of the predators’ increases drastically putting the fish more at risk. This directly translates into pressure on the fish population and even that of the predators meaning that there is a gap in the food chain, which requires to be filled. The predator population increases and seeks other foods to meet the large population; thus putting more pressure on other population both plant and animal. This can be seen in the case of humans and other omnivores that feed on fish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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