Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment - Research Paper Example

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Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment No: Date: Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment Air and water are considered as the major pillar that holds the environment. In the past decades, the massive industrialization polluted the environment…
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Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment
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Download file to see previous pages The emissions from the vehicles contribute much in the production of carbon emissions. Water pollution can be seen as the part of the pollution. Most of the creatures are found in the sea, oceans, rivers and streams and most part of the world is covered with water. Most of water present in the world is saline and thus undrinkable for the humans. Only 2.5% of the world’s water resources are fresh and available of the human utilization (nlm.nih.gov, 2012). Water pollution is a broad term that is used to depict the pollution related to the saline as well as fresh water resources. Water resources have much influence on maintaining the environment of the world. It is a fact that oceanic occurrences have much influence on the environment of the world as oceans are the producers of oxygen and maintain the temperature and humidity that are essential for the environment and human life. Pollutants produced by the humans are diverted to the water bodies like the rivers, streams, oceans and seas. Pollution penetrate the water bodies directly and indirectly that contaminate the water and make the water bodies incompatible for the creatures to stay alive in. Most of the pollutants are less bio degradable and maintain existence in the bodies of the marine creatures that comes in the food cycle of the humans. A news article informs that mercury is found in the fish that conforms that the most pollutants remain in the bodies of the marine creatures. Direct pollutant that are directed towards the water bodies are industrial wastes, wash over of industrial waste, oil waste, city sewage waste, chemical waste, waste released from ships and ship wreckage wastes. These types of wastes penetrate the water bodies and endanger the sensitive marine plant and animal species. On the other hand, the pollutants from the industries prevent the atmospheric oxygen from entering the water. Oil residue over the top of the water is the example of such pollutants that restrict atmospheric oxygen from entering the water. On the other hand, the residues from the chemical industry including bleach that is mostly utilized in the textile manufacturing and washing is dropped into the water bodies that also restrict the oxygen from being entering the water bodies. If the water has no oxygen, no creature can survive in the water. The indirect pollution is the type of pollution that is not directly or willingly diverted to the water bodies. The aerosol emissions from the factories and vehicles move towards the seas and oceans and the particles and emissions are absorbed by the water that pollute the water and become a constant danger for the marine creature. The major reason of the motion of the particles towards the oceans seas and lakes is to obey the law of diffusion that states “diffused particles move from the region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentration”. In case of aerosol particles are in the region of higher concentration, which are mostly cities, and industrial hubs, where as the regions of lower concentration are the oceans and seas. The green house emissions dissolve into the water and penetrate into the bodies of the marine creatures. Some of the most affected marine animals are the oceanic plants, fish species and particularly microscopic plants that contribute much in providing the food for the marine creatures. The most significant impact of the water pollution is the scarcity of water in major regions of the world. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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