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Lead and human exposure - Research Paper Example

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Lead and Human Exposure Name Name Name Date Lead and Human Exposure Human exposure to chemicals and harsh elements may lead to health issues. Lead is a poisonous substance and its exposure to humans and the environment is fatal. Significant use of lead is seen in the battery industry, where lead is used extensively…
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Lead and human exposure
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Download file to see previous pages Studies show that humans that are exposed to lead for longer times have hair loss problems, elevated blood pressure, weight problems, and other health problems. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earth quakes, floods and heavy rains are a reason for spreading the poisonous chemicals. In this way, the industrial chemicals reach homes and penetrate into the bodies of the men, women and children that have low or no exposure to lead. After hurricane Katrina, lead was found in homes and agricultural fields that presented a health hazard and exposed the humans to lead. The fumes and the floods became the major reasons for exposing the lead from the factories to homes. On the other hand, the onshore lead utilized in making some types of chemicals in ships reached the fields and homes. A sample of sediment and soil from New Orleans is checked for lead and a heavy amount of lead was found in the sample (Rabito et al, 2012). The Environmental Protection Agency planned a renovation strategy that would limit the impacts of the lead. However, a report presented that the families that are planning to return to New Orleans must have to face high health hazards due to the presence of lead in the city. However, no survey was conducted by the government and environmental agency to estimate the amount of lead present in residential units (Rabito et al, 2012). ...
On the other hand, air and soil contaminations are only restricted through proper control and neutralization tactics (Rabito et al, 2012). The tests show the most amount of lead is found in the soil sample near the industrial areas particularly the industries that are involved in the recycling and production of lead based products. On the other hand, the coastal regions have more exposure as compared to the regions at higher sea levels (Rabito et al, 2012). It was considered that the heavy metal might have contaminated the fresh water resources presenting a constant danger to the environment and the habitat of the regions. Lead exposure may also lead to an elevated blood pressure in children if the lead is exposed to the people and the pregnant women that may become a cause of the heart diseases in children (Whelan et al, 1997). The important perspective is that the exposure to the lead may be a reason for the colic and paralysis as described by the old Greek physicians. Old bridges have a coat of lead based paint that prevents rust from penetrating. On the other hand, it is equally harmful for the fish and other marine animal and plant species (Fan et al, 2012). Lead is capable of contaminating all the sources that reach humans like soil, water and air. On the contrary, the exposure does not only require the person to inhale or intake the substance, touching the element or in-taking its smoke may be more dangerous. Before the hurricane, the amount of lead in the soil was decreasing gradually at a higher pace due to the regulations imposed on the utilization of lead based products and generation of other alternate products. On the other hand, as lead is considered a heavier metal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lead and Human Exposure Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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