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Business for Social Responsibility (Environment study) - Essay Example

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Business for Social Responsibility name: Subject: The iron law of social responsibility strongly suggests that those who do not use power in a responsible way to the society will in the final event lose it. Multinational corporations must meet the social responsibility challenge…
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Business for Social Responsibility (Environment study)
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Download file to see previous pages This happened prior to the emergence of modern multinational corporations. The most renowned philosophers of that time, Thomas Hobbes, Jean Rousseau and John Locke introduced the concepts of responsibilities and rights of government to its people and citizens to fellow citizens (White 2007 p.13). This line of thinking became the idea behind the modern concept of a democratic state and democracy at large. This was a situation whereby the ultimate power rested on the citizens. However, the citizens are willing to delegate authority to the state. Through this, individuals could participate in social activities that enhance a shared future in a defined territory or community. The basics of social contracts are clear although the emphases and assumptions may vary. The modern day pluralistic society discourages a few people to use power to oppress the majority (Buchholtz & Carroll 2012 p19). These basics have not changed for centuries notwithstanding the huge shift from agrarian societies to complex industrialized societies which are dominated by the global economy (White 2007 p. 8). According to White (2007), this facilitated the shift from a life of endless conflicts over control of assets like water and land. These assets are considered to be common. The rights became defined. Citizens accepted to respect the rights of their fellow citizens with the assurance that their own rights will be protected. Penalties for those who violate the rights of others were introduced (White 2007 p. 8). The foundation of social contracts lies behind the principle of shielding or protecting human rights by means of individuals giving authority or state willingly. The scope of human rights has been rapidly expanding, but the underlying principle remains the same. Social contract is the awareness that the government is supposed to serve the people. With that understanding, the people own all the political power, but in most cases they delegate it to government officials. The people can give or opt to withhold power (Buchholtz & Carroll 22). Social contract theory urges that people can exchange power with authorities so that their rights can be protected. In this process, people surrender some of their freedoms and submit to an authority for protection (White 2007 p.16). The relationship between legal and natural rights becomes a vital aspect of the social contract theory. Members of the society decide to cooperate so that the entire society can benefit. A social contract is a general agreement between members of a society of with the government that explains how the rights of the society shall be protected in a sustainable manner. This agreement is not written, but it is known to exist between the state and individuals. In case of mature democracies, the rights are delegated to elected officials and the leaders are held accountable. Impacts of the iron law of responsibility and social contract. Property rights assist people with the atmosphere to nurture wealth which is supposed to enrich and improve their productivity. According to Thomas Paine, a philosopher in the 18th century, natural property comes from God, who is the Creator of the universe. Therefore, it should not be used for just personal and private needs. The impact of social contracts is increasingly being felt. A society which allows incursions into communal resources to benefit a few cannot have true democracy (White 2007). The level to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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