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Is Anthropogenetic Climate Change a Problem that Needs Immediate and/or Long Term Attention - Assignment Example

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Final Paper –Is anthropogenic climate change (what used to be known as "global warming") a problem that needs immediate and/or long term attention? Introduction : Global warming is a phenomenon which has shaken the world in a decade span of time. Since ages, man has been exploiting the abundant resources of nature without pondering upon the consequences it can have on the mother earth.It is the manipulating attitude of human beings which has stranded us in this peculiar situation where we need to review our priorities on long term basis to overcome this dire situation…
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Is Anthropogenetic Climate Change a Problem that Needs Immediate and/or Long Term Attention
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Download file to see previous pages Global warming is the emission of carbon -di - oxide into the atmosphere due to the over consumption of fossils available on planet earth. The anthropological climate changes bring forth various natural disasters on planet which man can hardly resist. More insight could potentially be gained from studies that assess the impact of future anthropogenic changes in weather extremes that are projected to be larger than the changes so far observed (Parry et al. ,2007).So human population should throw light upon the techniques needed to overcome these harming effects of anthropological climate change triggered all over the world. The striking feature of climate change is that it affects the developed, developing and third world countries in an equal manner; hence immediate attention is needed on this subject. Paragraph Two (Argument) Nature is outside our approach Even though the destruction of planet earth is due to human interference, the complete healing of the universe is in the hands of nature alone. The working procedure of earth is cyclic and no matter how we interfere with nature, it has its very own mending and creative power. We human beings are made of universal power and nature and none of the elements found in nature can be manipulated by us to a full extend. It is a known fact that, carbon emission has been an ever going affair and human has less hand in this destructive phenomena. Nature explicitly knows to recover from any damage caused by human beings; hence the interference of human on earth’s wellbeing is only negligible. As per (Wigmore,2012)“Climate change is much more likely to be part of a cycle of warming and cooling that has happened regularly every 1,500 years for the last million years, they say” Paragraph Three (Counter thesis and Counter argument) Even thought scientist comment that immediate action need to be taken by human population in order to exist on planet, the power of man in this matter is less than negligible, this is because nature has its own working pattern and humans are part of nature, hence we are prone to destruction and destabilization. Nature is designed in such a way that people see good and bad side inbuilt in nature’s vicious cyclic working pattern. If not now, then at least later this whole planet might succumb to huge disaster triggered by the weather pattern of the earth. But still as intelligent survivors of planet earth, we have the responsibility to save our mother earth which is providing us will all genuine natural resources. Paragraph Four (Response to Counter Thesis) Nature is an unbelievable creation and man also is of same kind, hence nature and man can collectively pull towards for actions to safeguard the wealth of the nature. The main affect of Anthropological climate change in planet earth is increase in average temperature of earth atmosphere and arising of natural disaster and calamities like flashfloods, tsunamis, tornadoes , wildfire, earthquake and radiation. According to “(McCormack and Hood,1996), stratospheric ozone appears to vary with the solar cycle, with greater ozone, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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