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Helth, Safety and Environment in the Petroleum Industry - Research Paper Example

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Health, Safety and Environment in the Petroleum Industry Abstract The discussion presented in the paper is based on health, safety and environmental aspects associated with petroleum organisations from an international perspective. It highlights the factors which can lead to occupational risks and also recommends practices which can reduce them effectively…
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Helth, Safety and Environment in the Petroleum Industry
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Extract of sample "Helth, Safety and Environment in the Petroleum Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Contextually, petroleum organisations are currently learnt as well aware about its importance for economic developments as well as the requirements for reduction of environmental and safety risks in the workplace through numerous measures. Acknowledging, understanding and implying appropriate measures of those risks in timely manner are also crucial for petroleum organisations in order to ensure safety of the employees and the community members. By promoting training facilities as well, petroleum organisations can enhance the knowledge of staffs about better and efficient utilisation of the equipments and tools. The experience of staffs about various good practices in the workplace can also be quite beneficial for ensuring safety and avoiding accidents to a larger extent. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Overview of Petroleum Industry 5 Health, Safety and Environment in Petroleum Industry 6 Health Issues in Petroleum Industry 7 Safety Issues in Petroleum Industry 8 Environmental Issues of Petroleum Industry 9 Major Contributions of Oil and Gas Industry toward Heath, Safety and Environment 9 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction In petroleum industry maintaining a healthy and safe environment is regarded to be quite essential, not only because of intrinsic protection risks but also due to absolute quarantine of hazardous materials associated in every oil and gas organization. Since petroleum industry is experiencing a rapid development within the context of current phenomenon, it is quite likely to face possible health and safety problems along with environmental risks in upcoming days owing to its expansion, both in terms of production and organisational size (Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand, 2011). Considering these aspects, the discussion will concentrate on health, safety and environmental issues associated with the petroleum industry. Thereby, the objective of the discussion will be to appraise different articles and literatures from a generalized perspective illustrating the requirement of safety performances in the oil and gas sector. The discussion will also consider different factors causing such risks to recommend on the safe operations of equipment and tools utilized in the petroleum industry internationally. Overview of Petroleum Industry Petroleum industry is often considered to be one of major sources for income generation that in turn attempts to render greater support for enhancing the economic condition of a nation. In the international context, petroleum industry represents a significant percentage of the aggregate power consumption. For instance, in the year 1995, the petroleum industry accounted for the consumption of almost 63% of global power supply in comparison to coal mining, nuclear energy and hydroelectric energy which represented only 27%, 7% and 3% respectively of worldwide energy generation (International Association of Oil & Gas Products, 1997). Consequently, after the increase in global economic prosperity, the world’s demand for oil consumption has been augmenting with rapidity. For instance, in the year 2002, the international usage of oil and gas amounted to almost 220 cubic feet a day which is further expected to increase rapidly in the near future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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