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Global Warming - Term Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Global Warming The debate on the issue of global warming has attracted many debates from socialists and scientists. The critics of global warming claim that the socialists’ move to lobby for more government controls in the scientific activities emanates from self-interests…
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Global Warming Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages United States has not properly addressed the problem of global warming (Besel 162). Therefore, the subject of subject of global warming is live and undisputed scientific fact that the nation should address quickly. Many scientific activities are responsible for the global warming that people experience in United States and the globe at large. United States is becoming dangerous warmer because of emission of greenhouse gases. These gases include methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. The gases have adverse effects on the environment because they cause pollution. This artificial problem contributes largely to global warming. This is an assertion that the scientific activities drive the climate change and global warming. Scientists have disputed the claims of their responsibility in global warming in various ways. To start with, the scientists argue that carbon dioxide does come from their activities. To them, burning fossils generates a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is an attempt to assert that they do not take any activity in the problem of global warming. They claim that that they have put proper mechanisms to eradicate the emission of carbon dioxide. Second, the scientist stresses that carbon dioxide has been increasing in the atmosphere before the industrial developments. They scientists insist that other types of natural energies such as solar play a big role in global warming. The scientists argue points out those natural sources such as eruption of volcanoes evolve a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Griffin 112). The scientists blame their critics for distorting scientific information to assert their points. Third, the unchallenged scientific fact emanate from the measurement that scientists take on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These measurements indicate that burning of forests and fossils contributes to generation of harmful gases to the atmosphere. This is an attempt to deny their responsibility in their contribution to the global warming and climate change. They argue that natural fluctuations attribute to the sudden increase in temperatures (Maslin 27). It is evident that the undisputed scientific facts have played a big role in global warming. The facts are fallacious. To start with, there was no global warming before scientific revolution. This era of scientific expansion in knowledge and research led to the growth of industries. A natural mechanism ensured a right balance of carbon dioxide that natural processes emitted (Griffin 112). The issue of global warming came into been after the mushrooming of industries. It is therefore a lie for the scientists to claim that they do have a role in the global warming menace. The scientists’ assertion that the current global warming is because of natural fluctuations in the environment is overtly misleading. This is unchallenged scientific facts. The earth has experienced all these climatic swings but there has never been an alarming effect on temperature. It therefore means that scientific processes are responsible for the increase in temperatures in the atmosphere. It is a conspiracy of scientists not to give information of their contribution to the global warming (Besel 163). This is despite the fact that the scientists have the right equipment to provide a qualitative explanation of the issue of global ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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