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HSE MANAGEMENT Institution Instructor Date Introduction Oil is one of the most valuable commodities in the modern history. Fluctuations of oil prices cause serious ripple effects in the global economy. It is due to its immense significance and usage in every sector of the economy that makes it be called the black gold…
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HSE Management Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Oil refining process releases numerous emissions in the atmosphere causing air pollution. Industrial accidents such as fire and explosions are also rampant in oil and gas industry. Environmental and safety concerns make oil refineries be located far from urban areas. Corrosion is a chief problem faced throughout the process line of hydrocarbon refining process. Corrosion refers to deterioration of metal components such as pipes that convey the petroleum products. In the refining process, corrosion occurs in forms, such as pitting corrosion from water droplets and stress corrosion from SO2 attack. Periodic cleaning and use of corrosion resistant metals prevents and controls corrosion. Unchecked corrosion leads to oil leaks and spillages that are environmental hazards. Where gas cannot be stored, it poses a risk of fire or explosion. Flaring and venting ensure safe disposal of hydrocarbon gases. Venting refers to the discharge of gases into the environment in the oil production process. Through venting, toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide are released to the environment resulting to fatalities. Venting releases greenhouse gases such as methane leading to global warming. On the other hand, Flaring refers to burning of natural gas in the routine of gas and oil production process. Carbon Fraying produces carbon dioxide predominantly. Both flaring and venting have great environmental impact on climate through global warming (Haddow and Bullock, 2006, p45; Heidersbach, R and Heidersbach, B, 2011, p260). Process Safety Management (PSM) is proactive identification, mitigation, correction or prevention of release of poisonous chemicals that could be caused by failures in processes, procedures or equipment. It ensures that process facilities such as oil and gas plants, chemical plants, and offshore platforms operate safely. Process oriented reactions such as corrosion, runaway chemical reactions and unintended mixing of hazardous chemicals are liable for release of toxic gases, explosions and fires. The need to reduce safety incidents caused by hazardous materials and process upset, and the need to meet safety regulations drives PSM programs. The aim of PSM is to aid employees to mitigate episodic release of hazardous chemicals that would be catastrophic to the workplace and surrounding community (National Research Council. 2011, pp6-14). Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is the most important step in Process safety management (PSM). PHA seeks to identify and analyse the significance of potential hazards caused by handling or processing highly hazardous chemicals. It analyses causes and significance of fires, explosions, flammable toxic release and spills of hazardous chemicals. Focus is on factors that may affect the process such as human actions, instrumentation utilities and equipment in use (Skelton, 1997, pp 172-174). Written operating procedures must be implemented and must be consistent with process safety information. They prove clear instructions for undertaking the covered processes. Each task and procedure relating to the covered process should be clear, consistent and well communicated to the employees. Steps in every operating phase include initial startup, normal operations, temporary operations, emergency shutdown, among others. Operation procedures should also include operating limits such as, consequence of deviation, and steps required to correct the deviation or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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