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Can Humans and Animals Live in Harmony - Essay Example

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This paper aims to discuss the ability of humans and animals to live in harmony. The query as to whether humans and animals can subsist mutually in harmony remains to be a subject of debate globally…
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Can Humans and Animals Live in Harmony
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Download file to see previous pages Man’s desire to advance his living standards has had devastating effects on the survival of diverse animals through clearing their natural habitats, thus exposing them to adverse weather conditions. As such, this manuscript will mull over the issue of speciesism, thereby providing mitigation measures on this predicament.
Man has continually affected the animals’ natural territory in various ways since time immemorial. Additionally, man has incessantly discriminated against animals through various exploitative activities. Experts refer to this as speciesism, and this remains to be a key challenge to him (Beirne 7). For instance, his activities in deforestation, owing to his desire in increasing his settlement has left various animal species homeless, thus leaving them vulnerable to extinction. In the earlier days before the onset of civilization, animals and man lived harmoniously, with the animals dwelling in their apt natural environments. However, as he progressed with civilization, man opted to enlarge his habitat by clearing extensive tracts of forests. Moreover, as humans increased in population, they continued to deforest the planet, thereby exposing diverse animals to the adverse weather conditions.
Besides, man exploits various animals in his endeavor to satisfy his needs. For instance, man’s unfulfilled desire for food compels him to kill various animals. Additionally, he utilizes various animal products for other purposes that comprise clothing and other adornments, and medicine manufacture. This has occurred uncontrolled, until he realized of the looming danger of the extinction of various animal species (Beirne 8). This compelled humans into attempt to conserve animals, particularly the endangered ones. In addition, the industrialization era led to the emission of numerous hazardous materials. As a result, many animals, including the aquatic ones died and drastically reduced in population. Furthermore, emission of various gaseous wastes has torn down a significant part of the ozone layer, thereby leaving the animals susceptible to global warming. Moreover, various improvements in technology have significant impacts on the survival of animals. Man has created sophisticated weapons, in his endeavor to boost his supremacy and military capability. Furthermore, man tests these weapons in vast lands, which are the dwellings of various animals. This happens in many nations, leading to deforestation and death of numerous animal species. Besides, man tests nearly all of his scientific inventions on animals (Beirne 7). Moreover, man’s attempt to control some annoying animals has proved fatal to other animals. For example, the application of insecticides to manage pests often leads to the death of other animals, including the aquatic life. Besides, man has domesticated many animals in his endeavor to satisfy his unrelenting needs, thereby leading to the animals’ alteration in biological structure. Humans also involve themselves in the transportation of various animals from their natural habitats to other habitats. This has most often led to the death of several animals, since they are not adapted to these new environments. Moreover, human development in biotechnology has devastating effects on animals. This results from the fact that man alters the animals’ genetic order, leading to mutations. Moreover, man has crossed various animals, leading to the formation of many sterile breeds of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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