Water Quality in the State of Iowa - Research Paper Example

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In every society, it is mandatory to take care of the environment and all its components. This includes ensuring that there is proper disposal of wastes that emanate from domestic premises and industries. Water bodies are an example of areas that are always neglected…
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Water Quality in the State of Iowa
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Download file to see previous pages The quality of water that we use for domestic purposes and the one that is on the subsurface, that is, the water found on ponds, streams and other small bodies and is used for activities such as swimming or fishing has to be of proper quality. This is to ensure that it is not hazardous. Various state water departments in the United States strive to ensure that the quality of water being used within their states is high. The Iowa Water Department is an example of this. This paper will be a discussion of water quality in the state of Iowa, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages involved in this topic, together with areas where it can be utilized. The aspect of water quality focuses on household, commercial and the environmental aspect of water. In the state of Iowa, there is the Iowa Water Quality Association whose goal is to help its members provide better water treatment and protect the environment in which they are associated with (Iowa Water Quality Association, p. 1). This is in a bid to ensure that the quality of water that people use is good and that the environment is protected. To ensure that this is done, various industries that provide water treatment services have to focus on the health needs of the people that may come into contact with the water that they have treated (Iowa Water Quality Association, p. 1). ...
Variety is provided due to different consumers’ needs (Iowa Water Quality Association, p. 1). Septic systems are also regulated. There may be occasions where the piping system for water meant for domestic use lies hand in hand with the one for the septic system. Therefore, there are strict guidelines to ensure that contamination does not occur to water that is meant for domestic use in case of any leakages in the septic systems (Iowa Water Quality Association, p. 1). This is to ensure that the water being used for domestic purposes is pure and of good quality. To ensure that all aspects of water quality are enhanced, the department of natural bodies is in place. This looks after the wellbeing of the natural occurring water bodies. These include streams that are sometimes used for boat riding by individuals and ponds that are used for fishing. Since this area are widely visited by families enjoying their free time, it is necessary that the quality of water that is there is good (Iowa Department of Natural Resources, p. 1). Therefore, this department visits such bodies often to ensure that there are no any harmful pathogens. There is the possibility that some industrial waste is released to streams, this could be harmful to the animals that stay in water as well as to the various plants that form the water body biodiversity. These wetlands are inspected regularly to ensure that they are safe. Despite the fact that the quality of water within the state of Iowa is generally good, there is still some form of threat. Small portions of water in the state of Iowa have serious pollution problems (Dillard, p. 1). This mostly emanates from industrial wastes. However, the state tries to ensure that such cases are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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