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Staff Report on Special Permit Request - Assignment Example

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Topic: Environmental studies. Institutional affiliation Date: 27th March 2012. ‘Staff Report on special permit request’ 1.0 Character of East Lansing neighbourhood. The city is located at Michigan State University, which is one of the largest centres in the country…
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Staff Report on Special Permit Request
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Download file to see previous pages The money circulation, good infrastructures, supporting services has made the town to have the best suitable entrepreneurial environment for businesses and firms. According to the 2008 community survey of the city of East Lansing on satisfaction levels of city services showed that about 90% of the residents agree that there is better services and good quality of life in the town. Majority of people are in support that the town is the excellent place to bring-up children (City Center II pp. 1). The city of East Lansing does provide a number of economic development initiates to majority of business which includes: Brownfield redevelopment which is a tax increment financing, downtown development which is an initiative by the down town development authority which does support projects redevelopment in urban sites and create a mix use projects that is carried out using assistance like public infrastructure and direct support for projects, entrepreneurial support by giving a technological based incubators to business in down town. Other loan programs are also offered by down town development authority locations in the town (City Center II pp. 1). 2.1 Zoning and uses of properties. ...
ain an attractive community appearance and providing desirable living environments for residents by preserving the owners’ characters in the neighbourhood. The zones in Lansing do exceed expectations of the majority of the people living in the community. Within the town, one will be able to find diverse cultures, talents which go hand in hand with affordability, diverse and quality of services. Proximity to Michigan University provides enough workforces to the town. The population in the Michigan capital city does provide enough demand for goods and services. The council provides other services to the people around; the town contains river trails, excellent hospitals and other institutions like Lansing community college. The town is strategically located with Chicago being 220 miles away. Majority of the properties are used only as one family residential area (City Center II pp. 1). 2.2 Suitability of property to restricted zone residents The properties were to support the residents of the region in a number of ways: it would support the city councils management in setting or laying down comprehensive city plans, housing plans, and downtown development and strategic plans. It would support west plan by providing a 5 year parking master plan. In support of the housing and residential sectors, it would provide quality to home owners by helping in renovations of obsolete buildings and providing residential houses for the emerging growing urban populations. The set up will provide a vertical urban development which will portray a number of mix uses including: restaurants and hostels. Socially it would integrate arts and cultures of the diverse populations living in the down town urban environment. The project will be beneficial to the transport and infrastructure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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