Possible topics: Environmental policies in [country X], Ethical issues in packaging practices, Sustainability issues of using [m - Research Paper Example

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Causes, effects and mitigations of environmental degradation Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Causes, effects and mitigations of environmental degradation Environmental degradation Environmental degradation is the lowering of its quality through the exhaustion of natural assets…
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Possible topics: Environmental policies in [country X], Ethical issues in packaging practices, Sustainability issues of using [m
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Download file to see previous pages Causes of environmental degradation Poverty In the third world, poverty has been a serious development obstacle. It is one of the key causes and effects of global environmental problems especially in rural areas. Poverty is linked with overexploitation of resources, which leads to the decrease in productivity. Poverty arises when individuals fail to meet their essential needs. The daily lives of many people are focused on obtaining sufficient food, water, and energy for cooking to survive. Since people are desperate for land to produce enough food, some are increasingly degrading forests, soils, and other resources for survival. Poverty influences population augmentation. Amidst the pitiable, more children enhance the likelihood of endurance. The augmentation of population causes overutilization of resources. Population The levels of population relative to the resources base, and the high rates of augmentation of population in the third world, are considered to be the fundamental cause of environmental degradation. The population growth has lead to the augmentation of demand for food. The high demand leads to the escalation of food production to the neglect of the environmental standards. The high population utilizes a vast amount of water, raw materials, and energy. In the process of consumption, huge amounts of pollution and wastes are produce thus causing environmental destruction. Agricultural practices The farming activities in developed and developing world cause environmental destruction. For many years, soil tillage has been the efficient means to reduce weeds. However, such cultivation can lead to soil degradation, and has the potential to cause soil erosion, reduce soil quality, and harm soil organisms. Land reclamation is also agricultural activities that cause negative effects such as pollution and habitat destruction (Kumar, 2002). Chemicals from the farm are sources of pollutants, which degrade the environment. Surface water carries the farm chemical in the water bodies causing the deaths of organisms. Excessive use of the agrochemicals especially in irrigated land can cause pollution of upper and underground water resources with heavy metals and nitrates (Kumar, 2002). Irrigated lands also cause environmental destruction in many ways. It causes overexploitation of water, transfer of pollutants, and sediments into upper and underground water. Moreover, irrigation causes salinisation and poor aeration of irrigated land. Due to excess water application on lands in addition to lack of drainage facilities, many lands are at risk from water logging and salinisation (Kumar, 2002). Deforestation Due to high population, there is land scarcity, which has lead to forest clearance to create more land for settlement and farming. Deforestation has effected the precipitation levels in many areas globally. The influence of forest clearance on rainfall is not experienced to deforested areas only. It also affects rainfall quantity in other parts away from the deforested parts. Forest clearance has had adverse effects on the flow of moisture in the atmosphere. It has caused the lowering of water retaining capacity of the soil resulting in the extreme water runoff leading to floods, erosion, and desertification. Land desertification has been a serious environmental issue universally (Vajpeyi, 2001). Additionally, deforestation causes high evapotranspiration and as a result, frequent and intensive snowstorms are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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