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Literary review: comparing the efforts in reducing greenhouse gasses of Europe and USA. How are they different, alike and which - Case Study Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Comparing the Efforts in Reducing Greenhouse Gasses by Europe and USA Some world scientists believe that the die has already been cast. For this reason they argue that no matter how hard the world especially Europe and USA try to reduce greenhouse gases now, the atmosphere will continue to warm anyway…
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Literary review: comparing the efforts in reducing greenhouse gasses of Europe and USA. How are they different, alike and which
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Extract of sample "Literary review: comparing the efforts in reducing greenhouse gasses of Europe and USA. How are they different, alike and which"

Download file to see previous pages This is one of the reasons that led to the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol (2005) whose main agenda was to establish ways by which the world can mitigate environmental pollutions. For example in Europe it contributes more than one-third of greenhouse gases while US emission form more than a third of world greenhouse emissions. However, Europe and the US are using different strategies as a way of minimizing greenhouse emission. Perry and Day (14) note that the vehicle industry is one of the major emitters of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and contributes about 14% of the world’s carbon dioxide. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, scooters and buses emit a lot of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen and other fine particles. A research reveals that US cars emits about 300 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere while that of the European stands at over 4 tons of carbon dioxide yearly. In areas where gasoline is used, it has been noted that vehicles become a significant source of lead in urban air (Parry and Day 14). This causes adverse effects on the environment. The worst of which has been the global warming. To mitigate the effects of environmental degradation caused by emissions from vehicles, Europe and USA have adopted strategies to abate it. The European Conference of Ministry of Ttransport (21) notes that Europe is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% and the USA by 7%. To ensure that this dream come true Europe through the European Commission decided to set up the European Auto-Oil Program in 1994 in collaboration with the European association for the car industry and oil to give technical advice on the development of European Union policy towards vehicle emission (Parry and Day 12). The pact highlights stringent measures to be taken against air pollution caused by passenger car emissions and other measures to be taken with regard to air pollution resulting from light commercial vehicles and the quality of diesel and petrol fuels. The dossier also contains Auto Oil program which regulates quality of fuel used, emissions from private cars, provisions that guide road worthiness testing, emissions from heavy goods vehicles and those from commercial and light vehicles. Europe has therefore put in place directives aimed at controlling this parameters with regard to the composition of diesel and petrol that impact on the level of atmospheric emissions particularly benzene, lead and sulphur. The European vehicle industry has adopted voluntary reductions in vehicle carbon monoxide emissions. The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (35) notes that ACEA’s board of directors adopted emission reduction goals of 140g/km of carbon monoxide for all new cars brought to the market. This accounts for 25% reduction from 1995 emission level. The European Union through the ACEA board of directors is currently making an attempt to ensure that the emission level for new cars is reduced to 120g/km of carbon monoxide (Parry and Day 16). In comparison to this strategy, the USA established Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990 to regulate vehicle emissions requirements in the United States. This is contained in a highlight summarized in Annex B. Notable in the recent years is the established Tier 2 requirements for cars and light trucks, which is aimed at reducing emission limits and in turn lowering sulphur content of gasoline to an acceptable average limit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literary Review: Comparing the Efforts in Reducing Greenhouse Gasses Case Study.
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