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The alternative city Name Institution Hammarby Sjostad is a new district on waterfront located to the south of Stockholm, Sweden. The district offers 10,000 apartments, housing a population of about 25,000 and 200,000 meters square land of commercial activities, which attract many people to work in the area (Ahlroth, 2011)…
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Download file to see previous pages The main ambition of Hammar Sjostad planners was to extend the city, in order to meet the growing demand for urban living. Expansion of city center was also done to meet Sweden acknowledged environmental, energy, social and economical goals for the future. In retort to environmental and other forces, the Swedish government stated that it wanted to develop the concept of a “green welfare state,” where everyone lives in good housing, reasonable cost, and secure environment within a long-term sustainable framework. The environment program in the city was politically driven making it spread to an international legendary maintainable program (Ahlroth, 2011). The program included targets for refinement, use of Brownfield land, discouraging use of cars and providing public transport options, energy consumption and recycling of water and waste. Recycling of energy, waste and water management was developed jointly by Stockholm Water Company, Birka Enrgy and the City of Stockholm waste management bureau. In Hammarby Sjostad city, the sewage water is recycled and purified at large sewage plants and the waste recycled into natural gas, which is channeled to be used as an energy source for the district (Ahlroth, 2011). Purification process produces heat, which is recycled for use at neighborhood-heating units. Hammarly Sjostad city has its own sewage treatment centre where nutrients from the sewage are recycled and used in agricultural land. The city management makes sure that all combustible waste products are recycled into heat energy to be used in apartments. The aim of the planners of hammarby Sjostad city is to minimize environmental pollution and maximize the use of waste products produced by city dwellers. Transport system is essential for a new city success. Planners of Hammarly Sjostad considered the integration of a master transit plan to meet social and environmental anxiety of the project (Ahlroth, 2011). Public transport is encouraged to ease congestions in the city by private vehicles. The use of many transport technologies has made Hammarly Sjostad city accessible. There is a ferry link system, which takes people across the lake and it runs through from morning to midnight. Planners of Hammarly Sjostad goals were to design a city that is unique. The goal was to make a residential environment based on maintainable resource usage, where energy consumption and waste products are reduced while resource saving and recycling concurrently maximized. The city’s authority made efforts to meet the population increase in Stockholm, and were able to bring high quality housing onto the market at a time when demand was increasing. Good planning brought high standards in design quality and environmental performance of the building (Ahlroth, 2011). Planning application in Sjostad is based on the life cycle cost analysis hence making it simpler to justify higher initial investment in good performing building designs. The heating, transport and waste collection systems were planned to work together to reduce the amount of energy and resources required to maintain them in the long run (Ahlroth, 2011). Hammarly city planning administration predicted that residents would be older people and after completion of apartment blocks, people moving in were young families. The development did not meet its target for car owners because of limited parking spaces. References ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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