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Human beings' activity with global warming - Essay Example

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Role of Human Beings in Global Warming This paper would speak about the phenomenon of global warming, which has now reached alarming proportions on a worldwide basis, and as to why it is primarily attributable to actions of human beings. Some vital facts would also be emphasized in the paper, and which would just go on to strengthen the argument that it is mainly the irresponsible behavior of humans that has paved the way for this unpleasant scenario- a scenario where the entire planet is reeling under the adverse effects of global warming…
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Human beings activity with global warming
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Download file to see previous pages The most notable of all greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, which has the capability to continue being in the atmosphere for a lengthy time span. It is a scientifically proven fact that this gas could bring about a noteworthy rise in the temperature. At this point, it is but obvious to raise the question “No doubt, carbon dioxide is a very potent gas; but how are human beings responsible for rise in the levels of this gas?” The subsequent paragraph would be attempting to answer this. (1) Human beings, purely for furthering their own interests, have brought about a drastic rise in the levels at which fossil fuels are combusted. This has been for the purposes of generating electricity, heating, transportation and cement manufacturing, among many others. It is being estimated that, on account of all these activities, the annual carbon dioxide emissions are approximately 22 billion tons, on a global basis. Almost as a direct result of that, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has risen by roughly thirty percent. As a matter of fact, these facts are more than sufficient to convince even the most skeptical that it is nothing other than human activity predominantly responsible for heightened global warming. (1) Scientists have estimated that during the course of the last century, there has been a rise in temperature of surface of Earth to the extent of one degree Fahrenheit. The fact has been highlighted that in this very duration there is also a 25 percent increase in the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. It has been mentioned earlier in the write-up that the enhanced levels of carbon dioxide are chiefly attributable to various human activities. Extensive studies aimed at understanding the link between the above rise in temperature and increase in carbon dioxide concentration came out with a key observation: human activity is mainly responsible for the scenario where the Planet has become warmer. (2) Simultaneously, the scientists also suggested that even some natural parameters could have played a role in global warming. In fact, with regard to the pattern of global warming, the scientists have divided the previous century into two halves. They state that, when the warming of the first half is taken into account, the natural factors must have been primarily responsible for the advent of the phenomenon. This is because; in that particular phase, various human activities resulting in carbon dioxide emissions were on the lower side. But when the second half of the century (1900-2000) is considered, it is but obvious that human beings are the chief contributors to the rise in global warming. In this period, the diverse commercial pursuits of people have led to an alarming rise in the levels of carbon dioxide emissions, and this is a fact beyond any dispute. So, it can safely be inferred that the natural parameters did not have a major role in global warming, with regard to the second part (of the century). (3) The following are some of the activities that have led to the advent of a scenario where, there is a disturbing rise in the greenhouse emissions: various agricultural practices, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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