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Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative - Research Paper Example

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Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative.
The law of conservation of energy states, “Energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed, it can be transformed from one form to another” (Denecke 2006)…
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Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative
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Download file to see previous pages Wind has also energy stored in it, which can be transformed to a usable form by utilizing windmills or wind generators. Similarly sun provides us both light energy and thermal energy. Both of the solar energy types can be transformed to other energy forms to be utilized in a usable manner. Running water has also an energy stored in it, which is a hydrodynamic energy, which is due to the mass of the water and the gravitation of the earth. In the similar manner, biomass provides the biogas, which has a high concentration of methane in it which can be burnt to attain thermal energy. Energy can also be attained from high and low tides. The main concern of the modern world is the emissions of green house gasses that are the result to burning of the fossil fuels like coal, furnace oil, etc to attain the high amounts of thermal and kinetic energy. Fossil fuel is considered to be a conventional resource to attain energy and modern world is looking forward to utilize the alternative resources like wind, tidal, solar geothermal, hydro, etc. The utilization of these alternative resources ensures low or no carbon and green house gasses emissions and if the energy is utilized for the generation of power, low operational costs are also ensured. In this research, my major focus is to discuss the environmental and economic aspects of utilizing the wave kinetic and tidal energy for the generation of power (Pikeresearch 2011). The other matter that should be discussed is the potential of wave kinetic and tidal energy to meet the demand for the energy and is the resources have more or less potential or low capital costs than harvesting other alternative energy. The higher the capital cost (effective cost to establish an energy harvesting system), the higher will be the unit price of the power. Wave kinetic or a hydrokinetic energy is the energy that is attained by the force of waves that have a deep impact on the shores. This type of energy has the enough potential to generate power on the shores, near shores and off shores. Moving water has a crushing power that could be utilized to generate power. It will be a difficult task for a swimmer to swim opposing the waves. The power of moving water can be seen in a hydro power plant that is able to generate the power that could fulfill the requirements of more than one city. The wave kinetic energy is an alternate type of energy that has enough potential to generate power that could replace many coal fired power plants. Tidal energy can also be utilized as an alternate energy resource to generate power. Running water is utilized to produce tides that are essentially utilized to generate power. Water in the form of tides has a hydrodynamic energy. The tidal energy can be collected from rivers, where turbines that are able to transform the kinetic energy of the water into electrical energy. The tidal generator is similar to a wind turbine generator but the major difference is that the tidal energy generators are lie under the surface of water to capture the hydrodynamic energy of water. Tidal energy can also be attained from oceans, as tides also influence the ocean water. The system utilizes a separation with an empty space at lower end to install a tidal generator, between the ocean and basin. At high tide the level of water at the ocean side rises and pressure of water rises towards the basin side. The pressure of water enables the tidal generator to generate several kilos to mega watts of energy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy As an Alternative Research Paper.
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