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Issues in Global Warming - Research Paper Example

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ISSUES OF GLOBAL WARMING Class: Professor: A greenhouse effect occurs when there is the temperature rise brought about by the sun’s heat and light that suspends in the earth’s atmosphere, the thermal radiation from the earth’s atmosphere are absorbed by the greenhouse gases that are re-radiated to all directions…
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Issues in Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages The core first surface to be hit by the radiations suffers the most. Such surfaces may include trees in the forest, surfaces of the ocean, ice caps, and deserts. Green house effect causes the atmosphere to absorb more heat energy within the earth’s surface by absorbing and re-emitting long waves of energy; from the re-emitted energy, 90% is captured by the greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is a gas in the atmosphere that absorbs as well as, emits radiation inside a thermal infrared range. The primary greenhouse gases that are in the earth atmosphere are mainly water vapor, carbon dioxide which has the, ability to absorb radiation in the long wave, methane its mainly sources are termites, landfills, coal mining as well as, oil extractions its formula, is ch4, another gas is nitrous oxide found in the atmosphere and its sources are fossil fuel combustion, biomass burning as well as application of fertilizers, its formula is N2O. They occur naturally in an atmosphere with a molecular composition, more than one atom, are loosely bound together to be able to vibrate with the absorption of heat, they act as a blanket for infrared radiation, where they radiate energy close to the surface that escapes directly to space. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is more concentrated today than at any time in at least 171 year back. It is approximately 35% higher than the year 1840. The present carbon dioxide concentration in the earth’s atmosphere is at a concentration of 392ppm by volume or 592 parts/million by mass. The total amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide in mass is about 3000, gigatonnes. Since 1860, there has been an increase of carbon dioxide concentration due to the age of industrialization as well as human interference such as deforestation as well as combustion of fossil fuel. Also about 40% of the carbon dioxide emitting is by volcanoes during eruptions which is approximately 130-230 million tones, another source of carbon dioxide emission is hot springs. Human carbon dioxide production, use of coal, oil as well as, production of cement, is high as 7.g million mass. Interglacial’s caused the rise of temperatures about 30% in carbon dioxide, with this hypothesis is correct then, temperatures rises by about 6 centigrade between 1840 to date. Another reason for an increase in carbon dioxide is through human respiration that produces 0.6 Gt c of carbon dioxide. Increased carbon dioxide increases the level of acidity in seawater, caused by an increase in carbon dioxide absorption in the sea water, which will increase and will result to affecting organism in the sea water also with the increase of acidity, and then there will be a decrease of carbonates for forming shells. Also from the increase of carbon dioxide, there will be acidic rain due to absorption of carbon dioxide by the clouds that will have an effect to the plants as well as trees, from this there will be no forest. Thus, there will be no rainfall resulting to drought as well as hunger. Another thing from the increase of carbon dioxide to the environment is the development of smog’s into the cities contributed mainly by factories. It is paramount to use the results obtained form researches and environmental forecasts, which would help in understanding the real effectiveness of global warming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues in Global Warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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