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Hospital health issues in cleaning up after katerina by industrial hugienist - Case Study Example

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Hospital Health Issues In Cleaning Up After Katrina by Industrial Hygienist 28-09-11 A Case Study Major Problems: I have thoroughly assessed, evaluated and identified potential, chemical, physical, and biological hazards concerning our workplace. I believe that hygienic conditions at the hospital need to be handled meticulously and immediately…
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Hospital health issues in cleaning up after katerina by industrial hugienist
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Download file to see previous pages The water supply of the hospital contains raw sewerage, lethal bacteria, pesticides and insecticides. Furthermore, we have to immediately deal with mosquitoes and other insects to prevent the spread of malaria, west Nile disease etc. We are also faced with a serious problem regarding infectious waste and the possibility of exposure to biological and toxic contaminants. On the other hand, our team faces a high risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning because the premises is unable to provide its own power supply. Therefore, all operations are powered using large FEMA portable energy generators. I carried out analytical tests on air samples from different parts of the hospital. The results are very alarming as the hospital air is contaminated with high levels of lethal air borne bacteria particularly the air sample taken from the hospital diagnostic laboratory and the operation theatres is extensively contaminated. Lack of ventilation is the major reason why air contamination has exaggerated over the last six weeks. In addition, most areas of the hospital are covered with mold therefore mold exposure is a serious issue as well. Furthermore, we need a fresh supply of vaccinations so all our workers can be immunized against disease which prevail after Katrina. (Richardson et al 2008; Nims 1999). Recommendations and Guidance: Spread of water borne diseases such as cholera needs to be controlled immediately. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity. Therefore, I strongly recommend that water for drinking and washing purposes should be boiled to kill lethal water borne pathogens. On the other hand, combination of chemical methods can also be employed to effectively remove harmful pathogens which cause diseases such as dysentery and cholera. I recommend the use of Personal Protective Equipment in order to minimize the incidence of problems associated with Carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure to air borne pathogens. However, improper use of PPE imposes serious health hazards therefore I have planned to counsel members of our team who are not familiar with proper PPE usage. I recommend that all clean up recovery workers should use respiratory protective equipments and protective goggles while working in or near the vicinity of diagnostic lab, operation theatre and the pharmacy. It is mandatory for everyone involved in the clean up process to wear gloves (Nims 1999). I recommend that hospital cafeteria/kitchen on the first floor should be subjected to cleaning process immediately in order to prevent workers from eating in contaminated areas. Moreover, we will only be able to run one refrigerator on energy provided by the FEMA generators. Therefore, it is advisable to cook small portions of food in order to limit the use of the refrigerator. To increase ventilation I recommend the installation of portable units of Local Exhaust Ventilation systems, which would prove tremendously beneficial for long term management of air borne pathogens. (American Hospital Association.1979). In addition, long term recovery efforts should involve the use of portable air cleaning devices which would significantly reduce the incidence of air borne diseases once the hospital service is re established. Hospitals floors should be disinfected by using combinations of disinfectants and in order to effectively eliminate molds it is necessary to dry all indoor areas. I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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