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Name: Professor: Course: 30 July 2011 Social Issue: School Violence and its Sociological Impact What is school violence? According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2011) it is a subset of a broader public health problem namely, youth violence…
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Social Issue
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Download file to see previous pages Centre for the Prevention of School Violence, North Carolina Department of juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention explain school violence as: School violence is any behaviour that violates school’s educational mission or climate of respect or jeopardizes the intent of the school to be free of aggression against persons or property, drugs, weapons, disruptions and disorder (2002). Signs that should ring an alarm / risk behaviours School violence are found to be linked with a number of behaviours and activities such as formation of gangs, threatening teachers or causing injury to them, students carrying weapons, physical fights, drug abuse or illegal consumption of alcohol, students being threatened or injured on school property, sexual assaults, robbery, bullying or cyber-bullying (verbal, mental or physical), vandalizing school property and skipping or dropping out of school. Facts about School Violence Key findings issued by a federal government report (2002) as well as facts given by CDC (2008-2010) say that such violent incidents are well planned and are rarely sudden or done upon impulse. Other people are aware of the idea / attack plan but fail to act upon the information prior to the incident and most attackers show behavioural indication (journal entries, threatening notes, verbal abuse / threats) prior to attack. Mostly attackers have access to weapons, have felt bullied or maltreated by others, have difficulty coping with a loss or failure, or have considered or attempted suicide. Most of the incidents have taken places around or at transition times such as lunch breaks or at the end or start of school. National level data source indicates that large middle and high schools are at more risk of serious violence, moreover, urban schools for minorities also report a high indication of an unlikely incident as compared to rural or suburban schools. Steps towards prevention of School Violence Prevention should start at the facility i.e. the school by providing students with a healthy and safe environment to learn and engage in harmless extracurricular activities. Security system should be fool proof without giving students the image of a prison, with guards, counsellors, security cameras and metal detectors. Teachers and school staff (administration) should be trained and educated to detect and identify problems in a student or within a circumstance. Parents should be encouraged to get involved and groom their children during their crucial years. Acceptance & tolerance is the key to providing prevention to school violence, live and let live policy should be adopted and hammered into students instead of harnessing categorizations and distinctions, be it ethnic, personality, activities or preferences. Various education and support programs should be design with key physiologists to use theories and techniques to enhance tolerance, acceptance and involvement of a student and increase their compassion for life and society. School Violence and its Sociological Impact School violence negatively affects the students all over the world. It is not only violation of the rights of a child but acts as a significant barrier in achieving various international goals for improving communities and human life such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by United Nations and Education for all (EFA) objectives by UNESCO. This impacts the education (attendance, attainment and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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